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Hello!! Welcome to my little spot on the web, I’m so glad you’re here!

As a fellow homeschool mom who has been homeschooling for 10 years, my goal of this site is to to give fellow homeschool moms resources to help them through their journey. I want to help you have confidence and piece of mind to get through your homeschool journey no matter if you are just thinking about starting to homeschool your kids or have been doing it for years. There are many things I have learned through our 10 year journey, in sharing our experiences and resources I hope to be able to save you time, provide you with great activities to do with your kids, and give you piece of mind.


My blog was originally started back in July of 2011 to share our homeschool journey with out of state family and friends as well as to have something for my kids to look back at our homeschool journey. Over the years other parents were loving our homeschool resources and ideas, so I have changed things up a bit so that other parents could also use our activities and our family can still get a look into our home. Over the years we have worked with many different big companies to share their homeschool products, and products our family enjoys!

I’m so glad you are here! I am first and foremost a daughter of Christ, Jesus is my ROCK!! Without faith I would never have managed to make it through all of the trials that have been thrown in our path over the years.

I have been married to the man of my dreams for the last 16 years, we have 6 beautiful blessings together. We have 5 boys and 1 girl. I have been homeschooling them for the last 10 years and this year we will be graduating our first homeschooler!!

I wear many different hats around our house as you can imagine with 6 kids. I am a Doctor to our children using as many natural remedies as possible, therapist and advocate to our 3 special needs children, author, blogger, teacher to our children for 10 years, and many other things that go along with being a parent to 6 children.

Some of the things I enjoy doing in my free time other then blogging is learning more about natural living, homesteading in the city, canning, digital scrap booking, photography, looking for ideas that save us money and time, oh yes and I love Pinterest.


I started this blog in July 2011 as a way to record our homeschool journey for our children later and our for our out of town family to see whats going on in our house. I also, wanted to help encourage other moms and share tips and ideas I have learned or learn along the way of raising 6 children to be God loving, caring, and compassionate people.

Some of the things I regularly blog about are familyhands on learning ideasrecipes that we enjoy using few ingredientsarts/crafts projects, homeschool ideassensory binsreviews, life with special needsMichigan destinations, and lots more.



Want to learn more about my children or the special needs that 3 of them have? Head over and read our post about each of our blessings.

Books I Have Written

I have helped contribute 4 different chapters to “How We Teach” with other homeschool blogger moms from iHomeschool Network. This is an amazing resource to help give homeschoolers a look into many different homeschools and how they teach their children. The book was written from the ever popular series The Ultimate Guides hosted by iHomeschool Network.

How We Teach flat cover

I also contributed 2 chapters on Homeschooling, What To Do When You Want To Quit. My chapters were homeschooling though a health crisis,

You can get this ebook by clicking the banner below, or you can purchase the kindle version / physical book over on Amazon using the Amazon link below.

Homeschooling: what to do when you want to quit



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