Childhood Illness, RA, 12 Appointments in 1 Week, and More…

Life had got the best of me since we went on vacation back at the end of August, and because of it my blog has really suffered. I figured it was about time for an update as to what is going on around here. There is a LOT which is why I haven't posted in quite a while. We are in the process of figuring out a HUGE health scare for Ethan,  just last week we had 12 appointments to go to in only 5 days!! Anthony has a cast and he also has had surgery. I have a bunch of posts from Christmas that I … [Read more...]

Montessori Homeschool Classroom

On top of the 5 ER trips we had last week we also had 4 check ups for different kids at the doctors office (2 separate visits) all of which went good for the most part... We discussed with the doctor the fact that Anthony has been having horrible night terrors. Now if you have never experienced a child having night a night terror, let me tell you it is a pretty scary thing to have to go through just as the person helping him, I cannot imagine how it must feel being the one stuck in something so … [Read more...]