All About Apples

This months topic in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum  is in the Orchard. During the first week the kids spent time learning about the lifecycle of trees. During the second week we learned about fruit trees. While we learned about 5 different fruit trees, we ended up spending a few days learning about Apples as well as Johnny Appleseed. The reason we extended our apple unit is because in Michigan this time of year there are LOTS of apples. So we do many different things with apples, we go to … [Read more...]

30 Awesome Apple Activities For Kids!!

One of the things that I think of when I think of fall is apples, there are so many things you can make with them and the cinnamon apple scents of fall. Michigan is known for the many apples it grows, but with the fact that our weather this past year has been very different from our normal weather, many of the local farmers crops this year were a complete loss. I even had one person tell me that for a bushel of apples that would any other year  cost $40 this year will cost over $400!! So with … [Read more...]

Apple Unit Study For Kids

Apple Unit Study For Kids We went to the Pumpkin Patch just before Halloween and picked up a few pecks of apples, so we have been busy away at making a bunch of different apple recipes and doing lots of apple learning for science. I helped Dustin and Ethan make homemade Applesauce I peeled the skin off the apples, Dustin sliced them with the apple cutter, and Ethan helped cut the apples into pieces. We put the cut apples into a pan with about 1" of water in it, boil for about a … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Apple Counters

DIY Felt Apple Counters I thought it would be fun to make some simple DIY Felt apple counters for the kids to use for different math activities, since most of my kids learn be by using hands on learning activities. I cut out felt apples for the kids to use for various activities the last couple weeks. I used an apple template from to trace out the apple, stem, and leaf, I cut out 20 of each because I  wanted to made 2 different sets, next I hot glued the stem and leaf onto the … [Read more...]

Apple Life Cycle

We have been focusing on Apples all week so I am putting together some posts about all of the apple fun we have had! I found a wonderful free Apple Lesson Plan on the internet and it has been an absolutely wonderful resource for a ton of apple experiments, language, math, and just fun stuff! HERE Is the link if anyone is interested. I printed off the Apple Life Cycle booklet from the Apple Starter Unit at Montessori Print Shop cut them all out and paper clipped each stage of the apple tree … [Read more...]