Blast Off To Space

The boys have been really enjoying our blast off to space unit this month, they both can now say the planets in order from closest to furthest from the sun, and have learned many space related facts! Our first 2 weeks were filled with many fun hands on learning ideas from our Mother Goose Time Curriculum, these last 2 weeks were no exception either. We have been using our moon sand outer space sensory bin, and earlier in the month we shared a new space sensory idea for kids if you want to … [Read more...]

100+ Outer Space Learning Ideas For Kids

This month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we are learning out Space. Each month we use a the preschool curriculum with our preschooler, but my 1st grader loves to do the activities with him. I look around and put together activities that are a little more challenging for him to do along with our unit. So here is my round up of all of the great outer space resources I have found for the month. Great Outer Space Learning Ideas For Kids   Our Favorite Astronomy Books on … [Read more...]

Outer Space Sensory Bin Idea

This month we are working on Outer Space in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, we put together one of our old outer space sensory bins that I have already shared previously on the blog this month. We also put together another sensory bin for the kids they have really enjoyed. What's Inside the Space Bin? Water Beads Black Space Sand Water Outer Space TOOB We have used this bin in a couple different ways the first couple days we had water in the bin and used it as a water sensory … [Read more...]

Outer Space Learning Fun

The last 2 weeks we have had lots of fun with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum in our new monthly theme, blast off to space. This months manipulative's were once again top quality! We received a balancing moon as well as foam stars. The quality of the manipulative's we receive from Mother Goose Time continues to just amazes me. The balancing moon set will be able to be used for many years to come in our homeschool! All of the kids have used this over the last couple … [Read more...]

Astronomy: The Sun

We studied the sun for our space unit. We have done lots of projects and hands on learning, and the kids learned about lots of new information. We started by watching a couple videos about solar flares, in looking for videos we learned about the solar flare of 2012 that is supposed to be a very bad flare this year, they are predicting that it will reek lots of havoc on our technology and power systems. Serena has been researching more in depth about the solar flares, as this has been very … [Read more...]

Astronomy: Phases of The Moon Learning Ideas

With our Astronomy unit we started in on our studies on the Moon. We started by reading The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons and talking about the different phases of the moon. I seen this great post and used one of her ideas for our moon phases project. We used a 12x18" sheet of construction paper folded it in half length wise, and then divided it into 8 sections (1 for each moon phase) and cut a flap for each one. The label will be on the front and when the flap is lifted up they can read the … [Read more...]

Astronomy: Gravity and Black Holes

We started out our Astronomy unit learning about Galaxies, after we studied different galaxies for a few days we moved onto Gravity, and finished off our week learning about Black Holes and playing a Free printable Black Hole Game! So today I am sharing our gravity and black holes resources! Gravity: We watched the following Magic School Bus video on youtube to learn a little bit about gravity.   We did THIS worksheet, the kids had to take their weight here on Earth, and … [Read more...]

Outer Space Sensory Play Idea For Kids

Because we will be involved in astronomy studies for the next month or so I made an Outer Space Sensory play bin for the boys. What's Inside Outer Space Sensory Play Bin? Grey Moon Sand Safari LTD Space Toobz Misc Glass Vase fillers Glow In The Dark Stars Glow In The Dark Planets 3 Different bowls   I took it out and it was a hit the boys played with this bin for quite a while and have taken it out daily for weeks now! We took the astronauts from our Space Toobz … [Read more...]

Our Astronomy Hands On Learning Ideas for Kids

We have been having lots of fun getting into our space unit, here are some of the things we have added to our astronomy shelves. Astronomy Learning Ideas for Kids We added some solar system window clings to the dining room window for the kids to play with. We added some of our space books. Here are our science shelves changed out from our Human Body unit to our space unit. I will be adding to the shelves as our studies continue.   We have a layers of the earth … [Read more...]

Montessori Astronomy: Galaxies

We have finished our Human Body unit and now have started our space unit. This past week we started with learning about ours, and other Galaxies and played a Black Hole game! We are using a couple different manuals to help us on our studies. First for the little boys we are using Karen Tylers Astronomy Manual, second for the older kids we are using Intellego Unit Studies Astronomy. Montessori Astronomy ~ Galaxies We started our week learning about how big our galaxy really is by watching the … [Read more...]