20 Christ Centered Easter Crafts For Kids

I have share our list of ideas we use to teach our kids the TRUE meaning of Easter in the past and it has been a very popular post, so today I am going to share a list of Christ centered Easter crafts for kids from around the web. We work hard every year to teach our kids the true meaning behind the holiday, I want them to be well aware that Easter is not just about Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and candy. With all the stores and the public promoting those things in can be difficult to make sure … [Read more...]

Christianity Cove ~ Schoolhouse Review Crew

As a christian homeschool, learning about the word of God in the bible is very important to me as a parent. I want my children to understand that life here on earth is not easy but when you follow God he mades gives many rewards for choosing to stay on that path. So when given the opportunity to review some of the programs through Christianity Cove for the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was very excited! We have been using two different ebooks from them the first one I have been using with the … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Teach Kids the REAL Meaning Of Easter!!

While we do give our kids Easter baskets every year, and we do host the family Easter Egg hunt for the cousins to join in on. I also work hard well before our Easter festivities to teach kids the REAL meaning of Easter. Our story time daily will have an Easter story about the REAL meaning of Easter, with the older kids we read through the story in the bible , we work through our Resurrection Easter Eggs and discuss them. Of course we add some of our Easter Trays, and More Easter trays to our … [Read more...]

A Cry From Egypt Giveaway

We had the honor of reviewing A Cry From Egypt written by fellow homeschooler Hope Auer last year for The School House Review Crew. It gave my children and myself such an exciting and detailed look into the lives of the Egyptians and Hebrews during a difficult time in history. You can read my full review for an in depth look into this thrilling and detailed story, we are all excitedly awaiting book 2!!A Cry From Egypt can be purchased from Hope Auer's Site for only $11.25 with FREE shipping and … [Read more...]

Review: Growing Up Wild

Today I am going to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite products that I have been able to review for the TOS Crew this year! This is a program like none other that gives you and your family an in depth look into the work and rewards that come from being a missionary family in another country!One of my dreams someday is to bring my family on a missionary trip somewhere around the world, I feel that so many children and people alike don't realize the luxuries we have available to us in … [Read more...]

Apologia: Journeys of Faithfulness

Something that is very important to me as a parent of kids getting older in todays world, is continuing a close relationship with them and also teaching them to have a relationship with God. Teaching them to trust in Christ through the good and bad, and knowing that everything that happens in this life is his will and to have courage not only through the good but also through the bad times.Apologia Ministries has been a wonderful resource for helping me to teach my daughter how to grow her … [Read more...]

Review:Deep Blue Kids Bible

  Something that is very important in our house is daily devotionals. Taking time out of our busy day to start our day in God's word, it starts our day out refreshed and ready for whatever challanges get thrown our way for the day! So when given the opportunity to review the Deep Blue Kids Bible from Abingdon Press I was very excited to add some new fun into our morning devotionals! The Deep Blue Kids bible is so much more than just another Kids Bible, it uses fun characters to bring … [Read more...]

Review: A Cry from Egypt

Raising Real Men is a publishing company run by Hal and Melanie Young who's companies focus is on making Biblical family life practical. They are parents of 6 boys and 2 girls and have played an active role in the Homeschool community for years. They have recently helped authors publish 2 new books A Cry From Egypt and Children in Church, our family had the wonderful opportunity to review A Cry From Egypt.A Cry From Egypt is book 1 in "The Promise Land Series" it is a Historical Fiction written … [Read more...]

Review: Mr Pipes and The British Hymn Makers

Christian Liberty Press is another well know Christian Homeschool resource. We have used a few of their products in the past and have really enjoyed them. They offer Christ-centered curriculum that will prepare your children for service within His kingdom. We were blessed with a copy of Mr. Pipes and The British Hymn Makers in e-book format for review.Mr. Pipes and The British Hymn Makers is the first book of a 4 part series, written by Douglas Bond, it is a 242 page e-book. It teaches children … [Read more...]

Review: I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

You may have heard of Apologia before, did you know that the word appears 8 times in the New Testament, in context of people defending their actions by reason and logic? Seems like a very fitting name for the company!It is Apologia Educational Ministries mission to provide products, resources, and services that help homeschool students and families learn, live and defend the Christian faith. Christ tells us fill ourselves with the word so we can stand strong in your faith. Apologia has blessed … [Read more...]