35+ FREE Memorable Books for High Schoolers and 15 More

Once our kids get to the High School level I give them a list of books to choose from to read for the year. Every year our goal is for them to read at least 4 books for the list. Trying to find good books that the kids will actually enjoy and find Christian books can be a challenge. I have come up with a list of books for high schoolers for them to use, and thought it would be useful to share it with others who might be looking for great books for their high schoolers to read as well. One's … [Read more...]

2nd Grade Curriculum Choices 2015-2016

I have already shared our group classes for the year, so now I am getting into each of the kids individual classes. Each year we tailor each of the kids curriculum to what is best for them, since we have special needs kids that struggle in some areas and are highly gifted in other areas this is such a blessing for them. Today I am giving you a look into Ethan's 2nd grade curriculum. On top of what he is doing listed here, he also still participates in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, because … [Read more...]

Group Classes 2015-2016

Group Classes For the 2015-2016 Year Today I am going to give you a look a the classes that will be done together in a group in our homeschool. Now that Ethan is in 2nd grade I am working on doing group studies together with the older kids once again. This has been so helpful to group different classes together with multiple kids. History, Geography, Bible Genesis  - Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt ~ We are using the Charlotte Mason guide from Simply Charlotte Mason this year for … [Read more...]