Super Easy Ornaments Christmas Kids Craft Ideas

Christmas time is a big time for different crafts in our house. We take the whole month of December off in our homeschool from our regular studies and add in different baking, crafting, and hands on learning ideas. These super easy to make ornaments Christmas kids craft ideas was a perfect fit for our first week off. We invited some friends over to make them with us, the craft was easy enough for little ones, and fun enough for the bigger kids to enjoy. Even if the big kids waited to make … [Read more...]

Over 50 Festive and Delicious Christmas Recipes

94% of people celebrate at least 1 winter holiday (Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah). Christmas is typically the largest economic stimulus for many nations around the world as sales increase dramatically in almost all retail areas. The Christmas holiday just in the United States brings in over $3 trillion. It brings in a lot of extra jobs around the world, and maybe a few extra pounds for the average person  ;-) ! Candy canes are a Christmas must which there are 1.76 billion made every year, 19 … [Read more...]

50+ Awesome, Quick, and Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Christmas

It is kind of crazy to think that Christmas is right around the corner. Every year it seems to sneak up on me! The Christmas season is so busy for so many people, with gifts to purchase, food to make, family gatherings to attend, lists like this with 50+ Easy kids craft ideas for Christmas to look through, and more.   We have done a few things to make the season as slow as possible in our house. First off, because we homeschool year round we take the whole month of December off in our … [Read more...]

Christmas Around The World

When Christmas time comes I work hard to teach my kids the REAL meaning behind the season. I also try to teach my children about how other countries celebrate Christmas differently then we do. A perfect way to do that is to visit the Christmas Around The World exhibit at Meijer Garden's. We visit Fredrick Meijer Gardens frequently during the spring and summer. I have always had great intentions of going to their wonderful Christmas exhibit, but things always get busy during the holidays, … [Read more...]

Festive Christmas Learning Ideas that are Memorable and Fun

One of the things that I love doing in our homeschool is doing fun activities with our kids to teach them the true meanings of each of the holidays. Mother Goose Time always makes sure to include holiday celebrations in their monthly shipments. Every month there is a holiday one of your packages will be any holidays celebrated during that month. Today I am going to give you a look into our recent festive Christmas learning ideas from our Mother Goose Time curriculum. When going over each of … [Read more...]

Over 80 Ways To Teach Kids The TRUE Meaning of Christmas

This post contains affiliate links, read my Disclosure for more information. With all the hassle and bustle of the season, many of us forget to remember the true meaning of Christmas. So today I though I would share with you some ways we practice celebrating the TRUE meaning of Christmas and some other ideas from around the web. We have done this with an Easter post, and it is always a viewer favorite around the holidays.   Some years we take time to learn about how different … [Read more...]

Over 100 Gift Ideas For Boys

Welcome to another gift guide! This gift guide is for anyone who is looking for a gift idea for boys. Since I have 5 boys we have plenty of experience in what toys are worth the money and what ones are just not worth it. Most of the items on this list are Gift ideas that we have in our house, they are used regularly, and actually hold up to the use of boys. Because lets face it boys are just rougher with their things then girls are. There is something on this list for everyone. From arts … [Read more...]

50+ Gift Ideas For The High Spirited Child

  Welcome to my Christmas Gift Guide for the high spirited child! Some of us over at iHomeschool Network are putting together a Niche filled gift guide in many different categories. With all the different guides there is something for everyone on your holiday gift list this year. I have parents ask me regularly what are some gift ideas for the high spirited child since I have a few of them. They want things to keep the kiddos busy but don't want to put them in front of a … [Read more...]

Christmas 2013

So here is the last of my Christmas posts. This is of Christmas eve and Christmas day, we had an amazing and wonderful time together as a family and were so blessed! Wondering why I am posting my Christmas posts a month after Christmas? Read my previous post about all the craziness going on around here. All the kids in front of the Christmas tree. Every year we wait to put up our tree until a day or 2 before Christmas it used to be because we always had little ones to explore the ornaments … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookies 2013

So I know it's a little late... Or really very late. With all of the things going on around our house lately getting blogging done has been at the bottom of my priority list lately. I use our blog as a journal for our family and our kids someday so I am going to share them late  ;-) We have a tradition every year of making cut out Christmas cookies as a family this year despite the craziness we once again followed the tradition of making and frosting Christmas cookies. We ended up making … [Read more...]