50+ DIY Natural Cleaning Products For A Non Toxic Home

As time goes on we have been slowly working on taking toxic chemicals out of our cleaning supplies and making our own natural cleaning products. Not only is it healthier for our family, often times it saves us money in the long run as well. Depending on what type of cleaners you are using there can be an array of toxic chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been linked to serious health problems such as cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive problems, among others. In studies 90% of … [Read more...]

Super Easy Ornaments Christmas Kids Craft Ideas

Christmas time is a big time for different crafts in our house. We take the whole month of December off in our homeschool from our regular studies and add in different baking, crafting, and hands on learning ideas. These super easy to make ornaments Christmas kids craft ideas was a perfect fit for our first week off. We invited some friends over to make them with us, the craft was easy enough for little ones, and fun enough for the bigger kids to enjoy. Even if the big kids waited to make … [Read more...]

Essential Oils Uses and Remedies

I figured it would be fun to list some essential oil uses this list contains all ideas that we use in our house and they have been helpful to us, I hope they are helpful to others as well. I use essential oils from Puritans Pride, they have amazing specials right now they have oils B1G1, they also have organic oils, and their customer service is great! Essential Oil Uses and Remedies That Work!! Make your own bug spray with Essential Oils:   We traveled to the UP of Michigan last … [Read more...]

50+ Valentine Day Ideas

With how much of a hit my last round up post was I have decided to do a few round up posts every month on different topics. With Valentine's Day coming up, I figured it was a perfect time to do a Valentine Day ideas round up. I have taken lots of ideas from around the web of toddler craft ideas, activity ideas for children, valentine day recipes, Valentines day homeschool math pages, Valentines Day sensory bins and ideas, some super cute activity ideas for you and your children to enjoy, and … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Montessori Number Rods

One of the things that has been on my "to do" list for quite some time was to finish making our Montessori Number Rods. I had decided that the number rods would be one of the easier materials to make ourselves and could be made for a considerable amount less then they sell them for on Montessori Online stores. This past weekend I finally had Jake finish cutting the wood so we could get them finished and start the Montessori Math Sequence with Gabriel! I looked around the internet for … [Read more...]

Glowing Halloween Decorations

With Halloween coming up soon, the kids and I made some super easy, cheap, and fun Halloween decorations. They turned out so festive and look great around the house as Halloween decorations. Glowing Halloween Decorations Materials Needed: Clear glass cups (check your local thrift store if you don't have any, we used some short and some tall glasses) Newspaper to cover your work area Orange tisue paper ripped up into about 1inch by 1 inch pieces Modge Podge (bowl to pour some … [Read more...]

Save money on Printing!!

As a homeschool mom my printer is 1 item around here that gets used tons anything from Montessori Cards, lapbooks,  timeline figures, coloring pages, work pages, tot books etc.. I have for years been searching for ways to save money on printing, we have tried getting our cartridges filled instead of purchasing new ones, tried refilling the cartridges ourselves, and also tried a few different printers, Office Depot Rewards Program, nothing seemed to save us to much money on our printing.  When … [Read more...]

DIY 4th Of July T-Shirts

Happy Forth Of July (a day late)!!!  I hope you had a safe a wonderful holiday! We spent the afternoon over to my aunt and uncle/dads house. The kids swam and had a cook out, then we came back home and let off our own fireworks, which the kids enjoyed, well they enjoyed them after dealing with neighbors that thought it would be funny to aim and shoot fireworks at my hose, kids, and other people, and then get very hostile when asked nicely to please stop! I am always looking for ways to let … [Read more...]

DIY Balance Beam

We have been using our Sensory Tables tons lately, one of the other projects I had for Jake to work on was a DIY Balance beam I originally gave Jake a couple pictures of DIY balance beams I found on the internet to look at, he ended up not using them because he didn't have a saw to cut a notch in the wood, he came up with a way of his own to make one using the saws we did have. Total cost to make the balance beam? Only $3 (we had the screws, saws, and sandpaper on hand) … [Read more...]

DIY Sensory Table

The last couple weeks there has been lots of behind the scenes work going on around here! Last weekend has been the start of some new projects, I have reworked the school room and ended up splitting our school room into an area 1/2 the size we had before, and then turned the other half into a sensory area. Jake has been so wonderful and built everything that I have asked him to build some way or another!  I did this project for a couple reasons, first Gabe has pretty much given up his naps and … [Read more...]