30 Colossal Easter Dessert Ideas That Are Amazing

Today I am sharing a round up of Easter dessert ideas from around the web for you. There are so many great Easter dessert ideas that narrowing it down to 30 was a job, but I managed to pick 30 of the best ideas for you. We don't really eat many dessert's or sweets in our house that are not naturally sweetened. The one time that we splurge is during the holidays, sometimes we make yummy treats for the family and other times we go celebrate at families house and eat food that is not normally … [Read more...]

20 Christ Centered Easter Crafts For Kids

I have share our list of ideas we use to teach our kids the TRUE meaning of Easter in the past and it has been a very popular post, so today I am going to share a list of Christ centered Easter crafts for kids from around the web. We work hard every year to teach our kids the true meaning behind the holiday, I want them to be well aware that Easter is not just about Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and candy. With all the stores and the public promoting those things in can be difficult to make sure … [Read more...]

Over 100 Terrific Easter Activities for Kids You’ll LOVE

Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays, I mean who wouldn't get excited about their savior raising from the dead? That is something so very special and a perfect reason to celebrate!! I have previously shared how we teach our children the REAL meaning of Easter and that is still how we teach our children about the TRUE meaning of Easter to this day.  Today I am going to share over 100 terrific Easter activities for Kids you'll LOVE!! There are so many great Easter activities … [Read more...]

Hassle Free Easter Dinner Honey Baked Ham ~ Easter #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from the HoneyBaked Ham Company from Business2Blogger. All opinions are those of my children or myself, please read my full disclosure for more information. Do you have those holidays that you are just not looking forward to cooking a big meal for the family? The Honey Baked Ham Store has just what you need to make your holiday meal extra delicious, super easy, and quick. Without giving up the quality meal you love to provide for your family. I know on … [Read more...]

Jello Easter Ideas

  While at the store picking up last minute things for our Easter Brunch and Annual Easter Egg hunt with the cousins I cam across this kit for $.99 it came with an Easter Jiggler mold and 2 boxes of strawberry Jell-o. I planned on getting Jell-O anyway and pretty much got the mold for free since 2 boxes of Jell-o would have cost the same. So we made these cute Jell-O jigglers for the kids to eat at our Easter party for the perfect Jello Easter Idea We followed the directions on the package, … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats

I saw this cute recipe on Pinterest, and thought it would be a very simple recipe for the kids to help make for Easter! These Easter Egg rice krispie treats are so simple and are so festive, well and of course delicious! Easter Rice Krispie Treats: Ingredients Needed: Rice Krispie Cereal Marshmallows 1 bag 3TBS Butter Big Plastic Easter Eggs Wax Paper Easter Themed Sprinkles (optional) Directions: Make your rice krispie treats according to the … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Decorating ~ 4 Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate Eggs

Welcome to Day 5 of our Easter Egg decorating ideas, today is the last day of our Easter Egg Decorating series, and is a round up of all the ideas that were shared this week. What was your favorite Easter Egg Decorating Idea? Leave a comment and let me know! Here are a couple pictures of all the eggs put together in a basket that was set on the table for our Easter Brunch with our family! The kids enjoyed eating them up in no time. On Day 1 ~ we shared our recipe for making our Easter … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Multi-Colored Striped Easter Eggs

Welcome to day 4 of our Easter Egg decorating ideas, Day 1 I shared how brightly dye Easter eggs, Day 2 we made Wax Resist Easter Eggs, and Day 3 we made Marbleized Easter eggs, today I am going to share 1 last fun and creative way to decorate Easter Eggs. For Day 4 ~ Our idea came from this Pinterest idea, well lets just say ours did not turn out anything like theirs looked like. The rubber bands were hard to get on the eggs without breaking the eggs, Dustin tried masking tape and that just … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Marbleized Eggs

Welcome to Day 3 of our Easter Egg Decorating series, in day 1 we learned how to dye eggs using vinegar, water & food coloring, that is the recipe we will be using to dye our eggs today as well. In day 2 we learned how to make wax crayon resist Easter Eggs! Today I will be teaching you how to make marbelized Easter Eggs! I found this great idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun and unique way to decorate our Easter Eggs this year. This is such an easy way to decorate Easter Eggs … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Wax Resist Easter Eggs

Welcome to Day 2 of our series on decorating Easter Eggs! In case you missed day 1 we used dye to decorate our eggs. Today we are sharing our wax resist Easter eggs idea for decorating Easter Eggs! This was a new idea I had not ever tried before last year, but we were all very pleased with the results. DIY Wax resist Easter Eggs Supplies Needed: Wax crayon (we used clear crayons) Hardboiled Eggs Whatever colors you choose of dye mix (yesterday I shared how to make your own dye … [Read more...]