The Ultimate Guide To Field Trips In Michigan

Michigan is an amazingly beautiful state with a huge variety of places to spend the day learning about so many different topics on any field trips in Michigan. There are over 240 different lighthouses along the 3,288 miles of shoreline in the state making Michigan the longest freshwater coastline in the United States. There is so much water to be found in Michigan that over 40% of the state is covered in it. With that much water in 1 state and 1/2 the state being covered in forests, I'm sure … [Read more...]

Christmas Around The World

When Christmas time comes I work hard to teach my kids the REAL meaning behind the season. I also try to teach my children about how other countries celebrate Christmas differently then we do. A perfect way to do that is to visit the Christmas Around The World exhibit at Meijer Garden's. We visit Fredrick Meijer Gardens frequently during the spring and summer. I have always had great intentions of going to their wonderful Christmas exhibit, but things always get busy during the holidays, … [Read more...]

Birthday Party at The Outdoor Discovery Center

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure policy for more information. One of our all time favorite places to visit is the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, MI. We have been there many times, it is completely free to visit, and it is just an all around clean and fun place to visit with the kids. For birthdays we only host a birthday party and invite people over for the kids 16th birthday party and their 8th birthday. We do this because with 6 … [Read more...]

Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014

We had such a wonderful time attending the Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014 this year! They had options for our older kids to run a 5K race as well as a shorter version for the littler kids. If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen pictures shared through out the event. Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014 The Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014 isn't you'r typical 5k race, oh no, it's much more fun (and dirty!) The Eat Dirt Mud run offers a course that is challenging enough for the most avid runner, and fun enough for … [Read more...]

Day Out With Thomas 2014

We were so excited to attend the Day Out with Thomas 2014 event again this year in Flint, MI. This event is so much more then just a 40 minute ride on Thomas the Train. We learned that last year we needed to allow most of the day to be able to enjoy all of the activities that are available. Upon arriving we boarded the train, being pulled by none other the Thomas. At the event you get a 40 minute ride on Thomas, which is a very relaxing ride that many fall asleep on. The further … [Read more...]

Largest Volunteer Art Festival ~ Festival Of The Arts

The Festival Of The Arts is a community celebration in downtown Grand Rapids the first full weekend in June each year, this year was their 45th year. It is the longest running festival in Michigan, and is the largest volunteer art festivals in the county. There are free art activities for the kids to enjoy and great food to choose from from many different countries that are operated by local nonprofit organizations. They also have dance performances, music of all types, theatre, poetry, … [Read more...]

A Day Out With Thomas ~ Michigan ~ Family 4 Pack Giveaway

It's that time of year again, the time of year Gabe is asking regularly when we will be going back to see Thomas The Tank Engine in real life.  He is my big train lover, everything is trains he spends half of his day building train tracks and playing with his Thomas and Friends Trains! Which makes this the perfect event for him to be able to attend. Last year was our first year attending the event, and I was so pleasantly surprised as to how many different things there are for the kids to do … [Read more...]

Things To Do In Michigan With Kids ~ Blanford Nature Center

Blanford Nature Center ~ Things To Do In Michigan (with kids) We recently had some friends come and visit from California, and spent part of the day enjoying Blanford Nature Center. It had been a while since we visited, and the kids loved walking around and exploring all that this great nature center has to offer. During the early spring they have the Sugarbush Festival and you can watch the whole process of maple syrup making, which is a lot of fun (and of course educational as … [Read more...]

National Train Day

Last week I received an email telling me that on Saturday it was National Train Day. I had never heard of National Train Day, so I decided to look into it. What it means is that lots of the local train stations were having a celebration for train transportation and had some fun activities for kids, as well as 50% off tickets for Amtrack on that day. With Gabe being a HUGE train fan, I figured this would be a perfect outing for him and Ethan. It started at 6am on a Saturday and all the rest of … [Read more...]

Dangers Of Dad’s Bringing Kids To Hardware Store, Teenage Driving, and more!

The weather has finally started to warm up well at least on some days, which means we have started spending lots of time outside lately!! So here is a spring photo dump of our outdoor happenings lately. We choose not to fill the sandbox area under our swing set, because of the fact our cats would love their own premium litter box outside. I was able to find a cover for it so we decided to fill the sandbox, it was a great decision the sand is a wonderful sensory input for Ethan and he will … [Read more...]