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FREE Homeschool Resources, No sign ups, No strings attached!! This offer expires Sunday at Midnight, so head over and get your FREE samples before it is too late!! A few of the authors have been so amazingly gracious enough to share some free sample of a few of the products that are included in the years Omnibus and you won't want to miss them. These COMPLETELY FREE homeschool resources, there are no strings attached, no sign ups, no hoops to jump through completely FREE. Please … [Read more...]

Astronomy: Phases of The Moon Learning Ideas

With our Astronomy unit we started in on our studies on the Moon. We started by reading The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons and talking about the different phases of the moon. I seen this great post and used one of her ideas for our moon phases project. We used a 12x18" sheet of construction paper folded it in half length wise, and then divided it into 8 sections (1 for each moon phase) and cut a flap for each one. The label will be on the front and when the flap is lifted up they can read the … [Read more...]

Solid Liquid Gas Unit Study ~ Gas

Solid Liquid Gas Unit Study Idea We have studied solids and liquids, and have now moved onto gasses to finish up the unit. I have added a new page to the website to hopefully make it easier to find all my free downloads I will update the page as I make more printables so check back often!  I am working on another new page as well to make it easier to find theme specific activities that will hopefully be finished by the end of the weekend. This was our first experiment, watching the gas form … [Read more...]

Solid Liquid Gas Unit ~ Solids

Solid Liquid Gas Unit ~ Solids We have been working on a solid liquid gas unit in our homeschool science class. After we did experiments with liquids, it was time to move onto solids. We used Karen's Manuals for the first part of our solids presentations. Here is the first "Solid" that was made Anthony enjoying the cold solid.  Here is another one that was made, each of the boys decided they needed to fill their own balloons. We let them sit out for our morning work period, and … [Read more...]

Solid Liquid Gas unit ~ Liquids

Solid liquid gas unit ~ Liquids Hello again, sorry it has been so long. Things have been busy around here as usual, kids have been passing around colds, and I just haven't had the energy to do much blogging. But I have lots of things ready to post with what we have been working on the last couple weeks! Last week we started our Solid Liquid Gas Unit. We started with a presentation on all 3 states of matter and we are planning on spending 2 days on each state of matter. I checked out … [Read more...]