How I Teach, After 10 Years Of Homeschooling

I was asked by a follower on Instagram what method we use for homeschooling our kids. I realized, when replying, how long the answer really was to that question. The truth is, we use a mix of different methods with our kids. We are in our 10th year of homeschooling our kids, during that time we have used many different curriculums and tried many different methods in teaching our children. During seasons in our life certain methods worked that didn't during other seasons. One of the … [Read more...]

Group Classes 2015-2016

Group Classes For the 2015-2016 Year Today I am going to give you a look a the classes that will be done together in a group in our homeschool. Now that Ethan is in 2nd grade I am working on doing group studies together with the older kids once again. This has been so helpful to group different classes together with multiple kids. History, Geography, Bible Genesis  - Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt ~ We are using the Charlotte Mason guide from Simply Charlotte Mason this year for … [Read more...]

Money Saving Ideas For Homeschooling

I am joining in the blog cruise this week, the topic being explored by crew members is: Large Family Homeschooling. With the fact that we are a family of 8 that home schools I figured money saving ideas for homeschooling would be a great topic for me to cover. I have decided to share some of the tips I have found that have saved us lots of money in our 7 years homeschooling our children. Hopefully you can find a some ideas to save you money or get you something for FREE you didn't know … [Read more...]

Managing Chores For Kids

Managing Chores For Kids I have had so many people ask how do I manage chores for kids in our house so I figured that would be my next post.  First off I believe all children can help clean up after them selves and really enjoy it if you give them the chance and teach them correctly, sometimes you just have to think outside the box! Gabriel (20 months) even helps around the house, when I get him dressed he puts his dirty clothes into the clothes basket and puts his dirty diaper in the trash … [Read more...]