Fun Nutrition Activities For Kids

This moth we have been learning about food and fitness in our Mother Goose Time curriculum. During our first week the kids learned about different food groups. Some of the fun things the kids did during this week were spell the letters of their name with corn kernels, group similar vegetables, observe and record beans growing, sort strawberries, identify parts of a cow, explore traditions and food from Jamaica, and so many other fun activities. All of them were included in the monthly shipment … [Read more...]

A Fun Way To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy and Giveaway!

Do you struggle getting your children to eat healthy fruits and veggies? If so then have I got an awesome product to introduce you to! As a mom of 6 children I know I am always looking for different ways to make eating healthy fun and exciting for my kids. So when we were given the opportunity to review Copy Kids DVD I was very excited!   What is Copy Kids? Copy Kids is a video with children having fun while eating 12 different fruits and veggies. It contains 12- 7 minute chapters, each about … [Read more...]

The 5 Senses

We spent a couple days learning about our 5 senses to finish out our Human Body unit. We used both books to learn about our senses. I added the 5 Senses cards to our Science shelves this week, I printed them off from Montessori Print Shop. On the right you can see the control of error, so they can easily check their answers. I also have been reading through the toddler 5 senses books I made, with Gabe. 1. Smell Cody made our smelling eggs by adding 2 cotton balls with a different … [Read more...]

Human Anatomy Muscular System

We worked on our Human anatomy muscular system unit, we started off by reading some of our Human Body books. The Human body book I picked up from Sams Club has lots of great pictures that were great for the kids to look through, we also looked at the different muscles in our body using the poster that came in the book.   The boys used the light on the otoscope to test the muscles in your pupils.   Anthony was quite surprised at the results lol.  The kids … [Read more...]

Human Anatomy Respiratory System

Our Human Anatomy respiratory system unit has been a great study for us as a family, since we have had lots of real world experiences with problems of the respiratory system. Cody had pneumonia for almost 2 straight years along with severe asthma and severe allergies, he continues to take 9 different meds and gets allergy shots just to keep him stable, Dustin and I have had both had a pneumothorax (hole in lung) and had to have a chest tubes put in. To go along with our respiratory system we … [Read more...]

Human Anatomy Circulatory System

We worked on the Circulatory system the other day, we started by watching a short video on Discovery Education and then moved into our reading. We read our Smart Words Reader Inside your heart. I read it to the kids and split it up into 2 parts, the 1st chapter during our morning circle time, and the second during the afternoon circle time. The next day Cody and Anthony silent read the book for their reading time. During break time I had the kids work on their stress test, they got into … [Read more...]

Human Anatomy Digestive System

We started out our Human Anatomy Digestive System by reading a couple books, starting with our Scholastic You've Got Guts. This series is perfect for Cody and Anthony (2nd-4th graders). Our second book was Usborne Flip Flap What Happens To Your Food? Here is an example of one of the pages, on the right page you can see one of the flaps closed.. And then here is the flap opened. I was a very fun book the kids really enjoyed reading, the younger kids enjoyed lifting the flaps for … [Read more...]

Our Human Body Montessori Activities

As I mentioned in a previous post I have moved Gabe's trays off of a book shelf, and added our Science Unit Studies to the shelves. This is a look at those new science shelves! On them currently are our Human Body Montessori Activities.  The top shelf has our skeleton model and nomenclature cards, the 5 layer body puzzle, and the 2 book I made from Reading A-Z. Inside Your Body, and Jenna Loves Yoga (to go along with our daily yoga). The second shelf down we have our Nutrition Labeling … [Read more...]

Human Body Games ~ Some Body

Human Body Games We have been working our way through the human body, so I figured it was time to do a little review and play our Some Body board game. Here is the board game, each player gets their own along with a sheet of with the different body parts that are removable stickers. There are 5 different games to choose from 1. Doctor's Office 2. Build SomeBody 3. Match SomeBody 4. SomeBody's Fishing 5. SomeBody Muscles and Bones. This time the kids played Build SomeBody this … [Read more...]

A look at our Montessori Homeschool Classroom ~ A Busy Day Back!

Things are slowly returning back to the most normal things can be right now. The younger kids don't understand quite as much what has happened, but the older kids do understand and are getting through the best they can. Serena was very close to my mother and would go over to help my mother for weeks at a time, she has amazed me with her strong faith through this, and is doing very well with it all, I have been so proud of the young lady God is forming her into! I am learning to accept that when … [Read more...]