FREE Educational Spring Printable Pack For Pre-K-2nd Grade

With spring in full effect around here, I decided it was time to share some fun educational printable I created for you to use with your kids. This FREE educational spring printable pack is meant for kids in Pre-K - 2nd grade. It contains 24 pages of fun learning for kids of different ages. I mean who doesn't love free printable right? Even better there is no strings attached, not sign up required, just click on the link to download it's that simple! These printables would be a great way to … [Read more...]

Guesstimation Game ~ Math Game For Kids

Guess-timation Math Game For Kids   Few kids would say no to a pocketful of cash (even if it's fake!). Gather some friends from the neighborhood and challenge them to a game of Guess-timation. Your children will learn about budgeting while practicing their math skills! You'll need to do a little prep work first. Before the game begins, take a trip to your local grocery store and buy fifteen common items: a bag of carrots, a carton of juice, a tube of toothpaste, a can of shaving … [Read more...]

Butterfly and Bee Math Ideas

We have done a lot of butterfly and bee math fun this month with our Mother Goose Time curriculum, so I decided to do a post sharing all the math fun we have done. You can see all the fun we had learning about bee's homes in my previous post I shared last week, if you want to see the fun we have had already in our Bee's and Butterflies unit. Honeypot Bee Math We worked on some honeypot math equations. The kids rolled the dice and then put that amount of "honey" aka orange bingo chips, then … [Read more...]

Math-U-See Algebra 1 Review and Your Choice Level Giveaway

When we reviewed Math-U-See years ago I fell in love with the program. It was able to teach my daughter math concepts that she was really struggling to pick up. Math became a subject she dreaded doing, until she did Math-U-See. Since then it has been the only math program we have used for all of our kids. I even have our high school students take the Stewardship class for their 4th year of high school math to understand savings, interest, how to balance a checking account, and more. The … [Read more...]

Popular and Awesome Math Games That Actually Help Kids

We use Math-U-See as our math curriculum in our homeschool to teach all of our kids. While we use it everyday, I love adding hands on learning ideas to help the kids gain fluency in different math concepts. We love using board games, printable games, card games, and other hands on learning ideas to do this. Today I am going to share with you some of our favorite fun ways to teach kids math concepts using different math games we have purchased and loved over the years. Some of our games were … [Read more...]

Using Geoboard In Your Homeschool

Every month included with out Mother Goose Time curriculum are 2 different manipulatives, I have done a post showing just some of the great manipulatives we have received over time. This month we received geoboard, which the boys loved. We did "finger jumping" during our fitness week that the boys spent hours doing. I thought it would be fun to come up with a bunch of different activities for them to do using the geoboard since they enjoyed them so much, I love finding ways to extend the … [Read more...]

Math Fun With Tangrams and Bus Counters

Mother Goose time offers many different ways for kids to work on math in their everyday learning, they offer amazing manipulatives that kids will use to figure out simple story problems, counting, making patterns, using shape mats and shapes, and many other great ideas. While we currently use Math-U-See as our main math curriculum for all of our kids, because they are a little bit older and need a math curriculum in my opinion. Even though we use a separate math program, we always love the … [Read more...]

Feelings Shape Game

Our theme this month for our Mother Goose Time curriculum is feelings and friends. I have already shared our friendship activities we have done so far. Today I am going over a fun feelings shape game that the boys enjoyed. One of the older boys even decided to join in on the fun with the boys. All of the materials to complete this activity were included with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. One of this months manipulatives that were used for this activity was tangrams. They have been … [Read more...]

Math Games With PlayDough

This month with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we are learning about Aesop's Fables and Folktales with that we received some fun colored sticks to go along with the Aesop's Fable ~ Bundle Of Sticks. With those sticks the kids were supposed to use the spinner and play dough to learn number concepts. We decided to extend the activity and continue to use them through out our week. Because both Ethan and Gabe are pretty sufficient in knowing how many sticks are associated with that number, … [Read more...]

Math In Our Preschool Curriculum

Our discussion this month for Mother Goose Time Ambassador's is using math in everyday learning of Mother Goose Time. So today I am going to share just some of the very many ways math is found in our daily learning for preschool. Mother Goose Time offers many different ways for children to learn simple math concepts, all using hands on learning ideas. There are some items that are sent to you every month for math practice, as well as different items that are sent on different months. To see … [Read more...]