How We Feed Our Family of 8 For Less Then $200 A Week

There has been quite a bit of interest in how we manage to feed our large family of 8 for less then $200 a week eating mostly organic. I mean can you imagine how much our family eats, we have almost 4 teenagers that work out in the gym at least 3 days a week. 2 of them work many hours during the week. So I'm sure you can imagine how much food has to be cooked at every meal for everyone to leave the table full. Today I am going to share my menu's for the next 5 weeks and the shopping lists I … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime ~ SO Much More Then Just Free Shipping

I have been a member of Amazon Prime since 2007, yes that means for almost the last 10 years I have been a member. That also means I have been a member since before most people realized how awesome and super convenient Amazon was for us moms!! I now do so much of my shopping for things other then food and most of my Christmas shopping through Amazon. When I first joined Amazon Prime, it was quite a bit cheaper per year to be part of and it also didn't come with all of the perks it does … [Read more...]

How to Solve the Biggest Problems Homeschooling High School

Today I have an amazing deal to share with you that you will NOT want to miss!! It is only available for a short time (10 days), so you won't want to delay in getting it. Together these resources would normally cost you $36 but during this 10 day sale they will only cost $25 plus you will get 78 other amazing homeschool resources too. These resources will help solve the biggest problems when it comes to homeschooling high school students. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We … [Read more...]

How We Store our Monthly Food

As I stated the other day I am going to give you a look into just how we store a months worth of food for 8 people. Like I also stated before we do things differently this time of year because we do not get our fruits and veggies from the farmers market anymore which means there is a lot more things in my freezer then normal. We also freeze strawberry jam and cut strawberries every year which equals about 100lbs of strawberries we prepare. We freeze corn and zucchini as well so our freezers are … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Planning ~ This Months Menus and Questions Answered

I recently shared a photo of our monthly Costco shopping trip over on Instagram. I had a request for this months menu as well as a lot of questions. I thought there are probably others who have the same questions so I am just addressing them all on the blog in 1 spot. At the very bottom of this post you will find our menu's for the month, as well as links on how to do your own monthly meal planning. This includes making the list, putting it to a menu, shopping, and making our monthly meals. If … [Read more...]

Homemade Crock Pot Sloppy Joes

When I first started cooking I would purchase can's of Manwich and mix it with meat and we would have an easy recipe that the family loved! Once we started making most things ourselves I looked for a recipe that would be loved by everyone in our house just as much as the pre made that they had come to love. After many years of changing things around we have our own recipe for sloppy joe's that everyone loves without the additives and chemicals. This is one of the recipes that we make for our … [Read more...]

Easy Crock Pot Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

  So last week ended up being a busy week for us. There have been a bunch of appointments Ethan has been going in for because of his upcoming health journey. So I didn't end up getting any of our crock pot recipes posted at all during the week hopefully this week I will share a few more of our crock pot recipe ideas. Crock pot chicken broccoli Alfredo is a super easy recipe to make and is a family favorite, it may even be one of the easiest recipes on our monthly meals for the … [Read more...]

Strawberries and Creme Breakfast Muffins

As I stated during my Pumpkin Bread recipe every month we make many different types of breads and muffins, usually these are eaten for snacks. These, however, we make and everyone eats them for healthy breakfast muffins idea. Since we do not eat cereal or other processed foods for breakfast, this is a recipe that is always loved in our house. We use all organic ingredients to make our muffins, so not only are they a healthy breakfast idea they are also a clean eating breakfast idea ;-) . … [Read more...]

Moist Pumpkin Bread

Something that we all love eating for snacks is our homemade banana bread, I shared the recipe previously in a sponsored post. I still follow this same recipe, except I use raw honey as my sweetener which makes the whole recipe organic. For that reason I will not be sharing our banana bread recipe again. After freezing some of our bread in the past we realized that the bread would thaw out and be very crumbly and dry. So we changed our banana bread recipe to the one listed above. By … [Read more...]

Make Ahead Crock Pot Mashed Sweet Potatoes

If you are a regular follower of the blog you might have seen that last week I shared how we freezer cook for a month at a time. I promised that I would share the recipes we use for our monthly freezer meals, so here they are. During our freezer cooking we make lots of main dishes but we also make most of our side dishes and breads for the month. The recipes that I am planning on sharing first are the side dishes and bread recipes. Today's recipe is for crock pot mashed sweet … [Read more...]