Australia Unit Study Ideas

It's been a while since I last shared one of our viewer favorite posts, a new continent unit study ideas. There are always so many great ideas around the web about each of the continent studies having them together in 1 place makes planning our units so much easier. Well and of course sifting through all the resources on the web can be quite time consuming, so I have taken all the hard work out of this task for you. I have already shared Arctic and Antarctic unit study and South America unit … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Montessori Number Rods

One of the things that has been on my "to do" list for quite some time was to finish making our Montessori Number Rods. I had decided that the number rods would be one of the easier materials to make ourselves and could be made for a considerable amount less then they sell them for on Montessori Online stores. This past weekend I finally had Jake finish cutting the wood so we could get them finished and start the Montessori Math Sequence with Gabriel! I looked around the internet for … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean Shelves

Our first 2 weeks back to school we focused on oceans and beaches, we were using our Summer Montessori manuals, and are just about finished with them. Because we have done so many fun activities during our beach/ocean unit, I have decided to split the posts up into a series of 5 different posts, and will be posting a new post every other day until the series is finished. Today I am sharing our beach and ocean unit shelves our shelves are a mix of hands on learning activities that can be … [Read more...]

Montessori Grammar Farm

  Gabe and Ethan have both been wanting to use our Grammar Farm for a while, I finally got around to putting it out and introducing the grammar farm and all the parts. My first step with the grammar farm was mainly for introduction, so I could be sure they were familiar with the names of everything. I am planning on having them use Montessori Cards to match the animals and farm equipment up to next. Not only was it a wonderful way to practice vocabulary, it was also a great lesson on … [Read more...]

Astronomy: The Sun

We studied the sun for our space unit. We have done lots of projects and hands on learning, and the kids learned about lots of new information. We started by watching a couple videos about solar flares, in looking for videos we learned about the solar flare of 2012 that is supposed to be a very bad flare this year, they are predicting that it will reek lots of havoc on our technology and power systems. Serena has been researching more in depth about the solar flares, as this has been very … [Read more...]

Our Homeschool School Room!

As I have mentioned a few times in the last couple weeks, I have been making some changes to our school room. My plan was to cut our school room down by half and have the other half be an area be our "sensory room." Slowly but surely this project has come along, and last week we were able to do school down in our homeschool school room again! Here is a snapshot of what our room looked like before, It was great to have a big open area for the kids, but it was also very inticing for the little … [Read more...]

Montessori Homeschool Classroom

On top of the 5 ER trips we had last week we also had 4 check ups for different kids at the doctors office (2 separate visits) all of which went good for the most part... We discussed with the doctor the fact that Anthony has been having horrible night terrors. Now if you have never experienced a child having night a night terror, let me tell you it is a pretty scary thing to have to go through just as the person helping him, I cannot imagine how it must feel being the one stuck in something so … [Read more...]

Astronomy: Gravity and Black Holes

We started out our Astronomy unit learning about Galaxies, after we studied different galaxies for a few days we moved onto Gravity, and finished off our week learning about Black Holes and playing a Free printable Black Hole Game! So today I am sharing our gravity and black holes resources! Gravity: We watched the following Magic School Bus video on youtube to learn a little bit about gravity.   We did THIS worksheet, the kids had to take their weight here on Earth, and … [Read more...]

Our Astronomy Hands On Learning Ideas for Kids

We have been having lots of fun getting into our space unit, here are some of the things we have added to our astronomy shelves. Astronomy Learning Ideas for Kids We added some solar system window clings to the dining room window for the kids to play with. We added some of our space books. Here are our science shelves changed out from our Human Body unit to our space unit. I will be adding to the shelves as our studies continue.   We have a layers of the earth … [Read more...]

Montessori Astronomy: Galaxies

We have finished our Human Body unit and now have started our space unit. This past week we started with learning about ours, and other Galaxies and played a Black Hole game! We are using a couple different manuals to help us on our studies. First for the little boys we are using Karen Tylers Astronomy Manual, second for the older kids we are using Intellego Unit Studies Astronomy. Montessori Astronomy ~ Galaxies We started our week learning about how big our galaxy really is by watching the … [Read more...]