Easy DIY Montessori Number Rods

One of the things that has been on my "to do" list for quite some time was to finish making our Montessori Number Rods. I had decided that the number rods would be one of the easier materials to make ourselves and could be made for a considerable amount less then they sell them for on Montessori Online stores. This past weekend I finally had Jake finish cutting the wood so we could get them finished and start the Montessori Math Sequence with Gabriel! I looked around the internet for … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Counting Cards

With Thanksgiving next week Ethan and Gabe have been working with 2 different sets of Thanksgiving Number Cards Both sets of the counting cards were purchased from Montessori Print Shop. They have been a great way to practice counting, number recognition, and Thanksgiving vocabulary! Ethan has really been enjoying the Thanksgiving counting cards, he pulls them out almost daily and uses them. I have each of the groups of cards all paper clipped together and stored in a little plastic bag with … [Read more...]

St Patrick Day Activities

St Patrick Day Activities In the last week we were able to do a few new St Patrick Day activities so even though St. Patty's day is done I figured I would share them anyway. Cody and Anthony played a fun Leprechan Addition/Counting game from KidsSoup. This was a fun and simple game, using their printable board and a dice. We have been working on our Leprechaun movement activity and some Leprechaun songs. Serena did the rainbow colors page with Gabe and Ethan one time with our colored … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Apple Counters

DIY Felt Apple Counters I thought it would be fun to make some simple DIY Felt apple counters for the kids to use for different math activities, since most of my kids learn be by using hands on learning activities. I cut out felt apples for the kids to use for various activities the last couple weeks. I used an apple template from KidsSoup.com to trace out the apple, stem, and leaf, I cut out 20 of each because I  wanted to made 2 different sets, next I hot glued the stem and leaf onto the … [Read more...]

Montessori Addition Snake Game

Montessori Addition Snake Game I worked on the first montessori Addition Snake Game for a few days last week with Anthony, I had been setting the game up for him during those lessons and didn't get any pictures. This was the first day I had him set the game up on his own and he didn't really plan what beads he was going to add to his snake, he chose what ones he thought looked good together, lets just say he learned a couple lessons. Because I was letting him do the lesson on his own I was able … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean ~ Preschool / Toddler week 2

Here is a look at some of the fun stuff the little boys did last week. We are not fully into the school year yet, we are still enjoying outside quite a bit, while the weather is still warm. Our theme for this week is beach and ocean and we had lots of fun hands on learning ideas!! Practical Life: With this activity the kids can use the squeeze fish bubble blower and dip it into bubble solution and squeeze the bubbles out!! Pouring popcorn kernels from one … [Read more...]