More Easter Practical Life Montessori Trays

Last week I added a couple new Easter practical life works to the shelves. We have some other fun Easter Montessori Trays out that I blogged about perviously, these are added to those. Easter Practical Life Montessori Tray Ideas For this the kids will use the strawberry huller (mysteriously vanished for the picture lol) and transfer the mini Easter erasers from one Easter dish to the other. This is a very simple work, set both baskets on the table and transfer the eggs from one … [Read more...]

Easter Montessori Trays

Easter Montessori Trays This week has started off great, and warm. I cannot believe today is the first day of spring and it is 84'... With the warm weather getting here so early in the year we have been taking full advantage of it and spending lots of time outside! I took the St. Patty's Day works off the shelves and added a few new spring and Easter Montessori trays. We will be adding more to the shelves through the next couple weeks, but this is what we have so far. This is a tray has a … [Read more...]

Montessori Homeschool ~ An off week…

Even though I haven't felt good the last week, the kids still kept going and needed things to keep them busy, so here are some of the highlights from the things that have been done. Hammering is always a hit with Ethan, he loves to use the hammer to pound the tacks in. Both Ethan and Gabe have enjoyed putting the animal magnets onto the magnet chalkboard. It has been another great way to learn about the sounds the different animals make while we have been spending most of our time … [Read more...]

$$Great Game For Learning About Money$$

Anthony has a new found fascination with money, and this game has been wonderful way to let him enjoy it! This is the box of money the kids have to choose from. There is $1 bills, hard plastic change quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.   Here is a look at the board game they spin the spinner before their turn and that tells them what coins they can use during their turn, next they roll the dice and move that many spaces on the board, they pay them selves out what ever the space they … [Read more...]

St Patrick Day Montessori Activities

With our time off the last couple weeks I managed to get some new materials printed off, and added to the shelves. Here are some of the St Patrick Day Montessori activities that have been added. Memory Game: With the cards in this basket the kids can play a St. Patty's Day memory game, there are 2 sets of cards printed off. This was purchased from Montessori Print Shop. Match Up: The kids will look for the correct picture to match up on the board. This was purchased from Montessori Print … [Read more...]

What’s In The Drawers Wednesday

I decided to change things around in the classroom, and have put Gabe's shelf materials into our Ikea drawers that I hadn't figured out what to do with yet. It seems to work a lot easier for being able to change out his activities out for him in the mornings and not having to go to the shelves to pick out his materials. Where Gabe's trays were has now been turned into storage for our current science theme, as we ran out of space on our previous science area! I will change some activities out … [Read more...]

A look at our Montessori Homeschool Classroom ~ A Busy Day Back!

Things are slowly returning back to the most normal things can be right now. The younger kids don't understand quite as much what has happened, but the older kids do understand and are getting through the best they can. Serena was very close to my mother and would go over to help my mother for weeks at a time, she has amazed me with her strong faith through this, and is doing very well with it all, I have been so proud of the young lady God is forming her into! I am learning to accept that when … [Read more...]

Valentine Day Montessori Practical Life

I added the last of the Valentine Day Montessori practical life work on to the shelves this week, here is a peek into the new works added.   Pouring X's and O's: The kids will pour the little X's and O's from one cup to the other. Here are the x's and o's that are in the cup. I found them in the dollar section at Target, they are supposed to be used for table scatter, but I decided to use some for Practical Life activities and the others for our math counters the kids have to choose … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Montessori Activities and Practical Life

Valentines Day Montessori activities and Practical Life Work Last week I started printing off some Valentine's work and added them to the shelves. I also changed some of our winter practical life trays and changed them over to Valentines Day Montessori activities. Confessions of A Homeschool has a bunch of great resources on the letter "V" for Valentine's to print off and that is what we used for most of our print offs. The Valentine's matching game, follow the arrows and spell Valentines … [Read more...]

Winter Craft Ideas ~ DIY Crystalized Winter Tree and Snowflakes

Winter Craft Ideas ~ Crystalized Winter Tree and Snowflake One of our winter Craft Ideas was making a "crystalized" winter tree. The idea came from the New Child Montessori Winter Manual, and this was one of the projects I was excited to do with the kids. We also made crystalized snowflakes with the left over solution.   We started out by putting rocks into an empty coffee can, and then standing a small tree branch in the middle of the rocks.   I mixed up a batch of … [Read more...]