How to Make an Excellent Grass Hat Kids Craft

This simple to make kids craft was a hit this month with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum!! These grass hats were not only simple to make but were so much fun to play with too. Supplies Needed for Grass Hat Kids Craft Green Construction Paper Bug Stickers ~ (ours came in our curriculum, these are some similar ones on Amazon) Scissors Stapler We started out cutting the green paper strips in half to make sure we would have enough to fit on the kids heads. Then they used their … [Read more...]

Nature Detectives

During the summer we continue on with work in our homeschool, but we always take a few weeks off and just enjoy summer. When we are working we do a shortened schedule and do not include all of our classes, we also do science in the summer because it is much easier to find different things we need to do science with when there isn't snow on the ground. For the month of July our schedule was even more crazy then normal with gymnastics classes 2 days a week and my mother in law coming to … [Read more...]

Rock Splatter Art

Last month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we were learning about Nature Around Us. This was such a great lesson for us, especially since we are a nature loving family! One of the art projects was rock splatter paintings, both of the boys loved this project! Rock Splatter Art Materials Paint Water Rock Coffee Filter Paper Towel Paint Brush (optional) Shallow Dish All we did was put paint and water (about 1/2 and 1/2 mixture) into the cup that was provided in our … [Read more...]

Birthday Party at The Outdoor Discovery Center

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure policy for more information. One of our all time favorite places to visit is the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, MI. We have been there many times, it is completely free to visit, and it is just an all around clean and fun place to visit with the kids. For birthdays we only host a birthday party and invite people over for the kids 16th birthday party and their 8th birthday. We do this because with 6 … [Read more...]

Things To Do In Michigan With Kids ~ Blanford Nature Center

Blanford Nature Center ~ Things To Do In Michigan (with kids) We recently had some friends come and visit from California, and spent part of the day enjoying Blanford Nature Center. It had been a while since we visited, and the kids loved walking around and exploring all that this great nature center has to offer. During the early spring they have the Sugarbush Festival and you can watch the whole process of maple syrup making, which is a lot of fun (and of course educational as … [Read more...]

Dangers Of Dad’s Bringing Kids To Hardware Store, Teenage Driving, and more!

The weather has finally started to warm up well at least on some days, which means we have started spending lots of time outside lately!! So here is a spring photo dump of our outdoor happenings lately. We choose not to fill the sandbox area under our swing set, because of the fact our cats would love their own premium litter box outside. I was able to find a cover for it so we decided to fill the sandbox, it was a great decision the sand is a wonderful sensory input for Ethan and he will … [Read more...]

100 Pounds of Strawberries

Since we have been working to remove all processed food from our diet, I have been learning how to can everything I can. The last week the strawberries in the area became ripe last Monday, so on Tuesday I headed out to a local organic pick your own strawberries with 7 kids. It took us about 2 hours to get them picked and ended up with almost 100 pounds of strawberries, no joke!! So if you were wondering what 100 pounds of strawberries looked like today is your lucky day  ;-)! All the kids … [Read more...]

Blanford Nature Center ~ Field Trip Friday

Every year as soon as it gets warm we walk lots of the local nature center trails. Blanford Nature Center is one of the local nature centers we visit regularly, because it is free to get in and the kids can get right into nature up close it is a much loved place. I prefer bringing the kids out to places they can run and get their energy because lets face it boys NEED somewhere to run and play to get their energy out. When we arrived I was sad to see they are starting to charge a fee to get into … [Read more...]

Buck Creek Nature trail Wyoming MI

With the hot weather this summer, the kids had fun exploring buck creek nature trail Wyoming Mi while we were out for a nature walk. Gabe decided not to get into the creek with the kids, so we explored. It's great fun to balance on logs! Ethan was so proud of himself for catching his first dragonfly! We did have to talk about how to properly hold a dragon so we wouldn't hurt it :) Linking up with Moments To Remember at Homeschool Creations … [Read more...]

Outdoor Discovery Center

Have you noticed the changes I made on the blog?? I finally took the plunge and changed things over, I still have a little messing around to do before it is completely finished, but for now most of the major changes are done. If anyone finds any links not working properly please let me know! I would love to hear any feedback on the new design. Things have been busy around here! The kids have been just enjoying the hot weather and no planned school (other than trying a few new fun programs) I … [Read more...]