Family Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas

For the last 15 years we have spent every New Years Eve at a friends house or our own home both have always been with all of our children. We could go out to parties or things of the like, but that is just not us. Spending time together as a family is what makes us most happy. Well, matter of fact I haven't even had a SIP of wine or any alcohol in over 5 years, but especially since I started my chemo meds for RA. Each year we celebrate by having some family friendly New Years Eve party ideas and … [Read more...]

Happy New Year, with A Hasbro House Party

We had an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve was no exception. This year we had something even more fun then usual to do, we got picked for the Hasbro New Year's Eve House Party!! It was a BLAST. We had all of us, my dad, the neighbor girls, and some of their cousins that all participated. The items that are included with the House Party box were Yahtzee, Draw Something, Scrabble Catch Phrase, and Twister, 10 Hasbro Party Night Cups, 10 Hasbro Party Night Hats, Hasbro Party Night Winner Trophy … [Read more...]