50 Awesome, Quick and Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Summer

With summer upon us and kids out of school, most kids are enjoying the freedom of being able to sleep in, and being able to choose how they spend their days while out of school. We have choose to homeschool our kids year round so they do a lighter load of school in the summer, and we take a couple weeks off but do not take off for the summer like most kids do. This has saved us from hearing "I'm bored" more then you can imagine!! As I know all to well eventually kids will get bored and not be … [Read more...]

Ocean Learning Fun

We have been having lots of fun this past few weeks exploring different topics about the Ocean with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. I have already shared some of the big ocean animal fun ideas that we have done, today I am going to share about the small animals we have learned about. As I have stated before Ethan has recently had many medical appointments and his first surgery of a couple planned for the next 9 months. I told him when we were doing school each day for the week after his … [Read more...]

Big Ocean Animals

Our preschool theme for this month is Ocean Commotion, the kids have been having a great time learning about different Ocean themed topics. I have learned that Ethan knows a lot about ocean animals, he has been able to tell Gabe, and me many different facts about our ocean topics that I had no clue about. Today I am going to share some of the fun things we have done while learning about octopus, whales, and sharks this month. Our schedule has been pretty mixed up the last couple weeks … [Read more...]

Homeschool Preschool Science

Our topic for the month for all of the Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassadors is science in Mother Goose Time. There are many different ways that Mother Goose Time entwines science into everyday learning. You can visit their website for a full explanation of how they add science into their curriculum. Each of the monthly topics we have done so far have either been about a science topic or geography topic. For example this month we are learning about the Ocean, each day we learn about a … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean Activities

Welcome to part 4 of our beach and ocean unit! For anyone just joining us, I have split our beach and ocean unit up into 5 different posts and am posting them every other day, the last three days topics were, Part 1 - beach and ocean shelves. Part 2 - Ocean sensory bins. Part 3 - movement activity Today I am sharing some of the misc. beach and ocean activities we did during our beach and ocean unit, my camera got dropped into the cats water bowl thanks to my toddler, and was out of … [Read more...]

Ocean Movement Activity

Welcome to day 3 of our beach and ocean unit! For anyone just joining us, I have split our beach and ocean unit up into 5 different posts and am posting them every other day, the last two topics were, Part 1 -  Beach and ocean shelves. Part 2 - Beach and ocean sensory bins. Today I am going to talk about our movement activity that we added into our beach/ocean unit, we try to have lots of activities to keep the boys moving or they have a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand. So Our … [Read more...]

Beach Sensory Bin

Welcome back to part 2 of our beach and ocean theme. Sunday I shared our beach and ocean shelves, today I am talking about our Sensory Bins for our beach and ocean weeks. Because I have been so busy planning for the upcoming school year, and getting everyone back into our school routines, I haven't been adding many new sensory bins, I will say we have been using many of our previous bins but many of them outside while the boys are playing! With the start of our school year I thought it … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean Shelves

Our first 2 weeks back to school we focused on oceans and beaches, we were using our Summer Montessori manuals, and are just about finished with them. Because we have done so many fun activities during our beach/ocean unit, I have decided to split the posts up into a series of 5 different posts, and will be posting a new post every other day until the series is finished. Today I am sharing our beach and ocean unit shelves our shelves are a mix of hands on learning activities that can be … [Read more...]

Beach Sensory Bin

Beach sensory Bin This is the second and last Beach Sensory Bin. I dyed rice 2 different colors to look like "sand", mixed them together added a few rocks, shells, sand dollars, starfish, ships you would see at the beach from a Toobz collection, colored marbles, and a message in a bottle.  The kids haven't had a chance to play with it yet with the remodel going on, I will post pictures when they do. Here is a close up of the other items added in the bin... All found at Oriental … [Read more...]

Ocean Week 3 ~ Beach Cake

With the fact that I had the reorganization of the basement going on, orientation for Ethan's and Serena's school, and everything it takes to keep a household of 8 people running, we didn't manage to get much organized school done this week, either way the kids had fun with many things that were being reorganized! Gabe has gotten so good at drinking out of a cup! He will rarely spill any on himself!!  I know the picture is blurry, my camera broke and is in the shop for warranty work, so now I … [Read more...]