Super Easy Ornaments Christmas Kids Craft Ideas

Christmas time is a big time for different crafts in our house. We take the whole month of December off in our homeschool from our regular studies and add in different baking, crafting, and hands on learning ideas. These super easy to make ornaments Christmas kids craft ideas was a perfect fit for our first week off. We invited some friends over to make them with us, the craft was easy enough for little ones, and fun enough for the bigger kids to enjoy. Even if the big kids waited to make … [Read more...]

Fun Nutrition Activities For Kids

This moth we have been learning about food and fitness in our Mother Goose Time curriculum. During our first week the kids learned about different food groups. Some of the fun things the kids did during this week were spell the letters of their name with corn kernels, group similar vegetables, observe and record beans growing, sort strawberries, identify parts of a cow, explore traditions and food from Jamaica, and so many other fun activities. All of them were included in the monthly shipment … [Read more...]

How to Make an Excellent Grass Hat Kids Craft

This simple to make kids craft was a hit this month with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum!! These grass hats were not only simple to make but were so much fun to play with too. Supplies Needed for Grass Hat Kids Craft Green Construction Paper Bug Stickers ~ (ours came in our curriculum, these are some similar ones on Amazon) Scissors Stapler We started out cutting the green paper strips in half to make sure we would have enough to fit on the kids heads. Then they used their … [Read more...]

Going On A Big and Fascinating African Safari

This month in our Mother Goose Time curriculum our theme has been Going On Safari. The boys have really enjoyed using our African Safari sensory bin this month, it has been such a fun sensory idea for the kids. At the beginning of our unit the boys had a great time making a Safari hat and then going on an African safari looking for animals. Safari HatsThe boys worked hard to make their African Safari hats. Ethan decided he was not cutting his tissue paper and glued the entire thing on his hat. … [Read more...]

Mother Goose Time Games

Every month in your shipments of Mother Goose Time curriculum you receive a game for the kids to play. Each of the games goes along with whatever the topic is for the month. This is such a great thing for kids this age to be able to practice many different skills. But taking turns is one of the big skills that is great for kids around this age to learn. There are so many other concepts they are learning in each of the games as well. During our ocean theme we played a game using fish as … [Read more...]

All About Trees

This months Mother Goose Time theme is In The Orchard. During our first week we learned about the lifecycle of the tree, during this time we learned about seeds, roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. This was such a perfect lesson to be able to do right in time for the fall leaves changing colors and falling off the trees. During our second week we learned about fruit trees. Here are some of the fun learning activities we did during the first 2 weeks. While we were exploring seeds the kids … [Read more...]

Math Fun With Tangrams and Bus Counters

Mother Goose time offers many different ways for kids to work on math in their everyday learning, they offer amazing manipulatives that kids will use to figure out simple story problems, counting, making patterns, using shape mats and shapes, and many other great ideas. While we currently use Math-U-See as our main math curriculum for all of our kids, because they are a little bit older and need a math curriculum in my opinion. Even though we use a separate math program, we always love the … [Read more...]

Feelings Shape Game

Our theme this month for our Mother Goose Time curriculum is feelings and friends. I have already shared our friendship activities we have done so far. Today I am going over a fun feelings shape game that the boys enjoyed. One of the older boys even decided to join in on the fun with the boys. All of the materials to complete this activity were included with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. One of this months manipulatives that were used for this activity was tangrams. They have been … [Read more...]

Mother Goose Time Books

One of the things that my boys enjoy every month in our Mother Goose Time shipments is reading the new story. Each of the MGT books are made specially to go along with the monthly theme, they are fun and engaging stories full of beautifully designed colorful pictures, that the kids really enjoy! Some of the topics we have read books on are animals, other months they learn about counting, many different fun concepts are inside these great stories. Some months, kids are given a backdrop along … [Read more...]

Lessons In Friendship

This months Mother Goose Time topic is Friends and feelings. We have had a great time doing this unit, understanding feelings is something that Ethan struggles with daily so the more we work on it the better he will get. We use the Zones of Regulation to help keep his feelings at a manageable levels to get him through out the day. If you are interested in seeing what is included with the monthly shipments from Mother Goose Time stop over and see our first introductory post. We have done … [Read more...]