Fun Rainbow Healthy Snack Idea For Kids

Last month in our Mother Goose Time curriculum we have been learning about bubbles, boats, and floats. During our last week of this theme we learned all about rainbows. We started out our theme learning a song called "Make A Rainbow" sung to the tune "Frere Jacques." Every day is started out using a song. This on like the others had hand motions to go with the song, which really gets the kids into the song as well as our theme for the day. Rainbow Dancer One of the fun activities we did … [Read more...]

St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin

We have put together another fun St. Patricks Day Sensory bin for the kids to play in. Sensory Bins are something my 2 younger boys and even sometimes the older kids enjoy playing in, we add in learning aspects to our bins, and the kids work on misc fine motor skills while playing. Some bins are messier then others but most of our bins are easily cleaned up so the boys who made the mess can help clean in up! What's Inside The Bin:  For our filler we used our Rainbow Rice Mini … [Read more...]

St Patrick Day Art Projects

Happy St. Patrick Day Everyone!! In spirit of the holiday, I have put together a list of some super easy, and fun St. Patrick's Day art project ideas you can do with your kids that we have done either this year or last year! I have a master list of St. Patricks Day art projects and fun over on our St. Patrick Day page as well. St Patrick Day Art Projects Idea #1 ~ Rainbow Rice Shamrocks ~ Using colored rice the boys made a collage onto a shamrock. Here is his finished … [Read more...]

Easy Colors Of The Rainbow Art

I dyed rainbow colored rice for Ethan's shamrock to hang on his locker at school, and made some for our very cool, much loved rainbow sensory bin. We had a bunch of the rainbow rice still left over, so I had the kids use it to make a rainbow art project idea. What is needed for this project? Card stock Glue (liquid glue works best) Colored Rice (In each of the colors in a rainbow) Pencil Step 1 ~ Trace the outline of a rainbow on your card stock using a pencil so you can … [Read more...]

Easy Rainbow Art

I put together a Rainbow Sensory Bin for the kids to explore for St. Patrick's Day, I took some of each of the colors out before making the bin so that we could use it for some rainbow art fun! Our first project was Ethan's shamrock that he does every March to put up on his locker at school. I give him a few different ideas and he chooses what he wants to do, this year he choose rainbow rice. This is a very simple art project idea that children of any age can do! We dyed a bunch of rice … [Read more...]

Rainbow Sensory Bin

The kids had tons of fun using our Green Goo sensory bin for the last few weeks, I decided to make another fun St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin for the kids when I was dying rice for Ethan's shamrock. We dyed rice the colors of the rainbow for his shamrock, and also learned the colors of the rainbow. Whats Inside The Rainbow Sensory Bin? Rainbow colored rice Lucky Green coins. A cute little chest I picked up at the thrift store a while back for $.10, this … [Read more...]