Powerful and Practical Reading Intervention for Special Needs

We have now put multiple special needs kiddos through reading with great success. We only had success after failure though. Luckily we have now found a method that is amazing to teach our struggling readers and poor spellers. I received this product for free and was compensated for this review. All opinions are my honest opinions, I was not obligated to write a positive review. Struggling Reader with Dyslexia We had some pretty big struggles with our first kiddo. We really didn't know … [Read more...]

35+ FREE Memorable Books for High Schoolers and 15 More

Once our kids get to the High School level I give them a list of books to choose from to read for the year. Every year our goal is for them to read at least 4 books for the list. Trying to find good books that the kids will actually enjoy and find Christian books can be a challenge. I have come up with a list of books for high schoolers for them to use, and thought it would be useful to share it with others who might be looking for great books for their high schoolers to read as well. One's … [Read more...]

Our Homeschool Library and Where To Find Cheap Books

So I have already given you a tour of where we do our school each day, and a look into what curriculum we use in our homeschool. Today I am going to give you a look into our homeschool library. I have to admit that this is one area I have a little bit of an obsession  ;-) ! You see I cannot pass up a good book, especially when it is really cheap. Since there are so many good books out there we own a ton of books in our homeschool library. Our Homeschool Library Our books are split … [Read more...]

Logic Of English ~Foundations A ~ Schoolhouse Review Crew #hsreview

When we first received this program I wasn't sure how well it was going to work for Ethan but I was hopeful since they offer a multi-sensory program that teaches handwriting, phonics, reading, and spelling. He is my kiddo that just can't sit still due to sensory issues and getting him to sit and work on just about anything can be really trying and difficult some days. I have really struggled finding a program for him that will teach him the concepts he needs to learn while adding enough … [Read more...]

Schoolhouse Review Crew ~ My Side Of The Mountain ~ Moving Beyond The Page

We were blessed with 2 units from Moving Beyond The Page an online Language Arts kit My Side Of The Mountain (ages 9-11) including the book and a hard copy of a science unit Biomes (ages 9-11) from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Let me first say that I wish I would have found this resource earlier in our homeschool journey! Moving Beyond The Page encourages real life application using project based instruction for children preschool through middle school. Each of their units meets state and … [Read more...]

Review: Beloved Books: Sugar Creek Gang

Reading is such an important skill that I feel all parents need to do with their children regularly. It helps improve their reading skills, increases their vocabulary, builds close bonds with your children, and so much more really the rewards are endless. As a mom of 6 children I have really been a witness to the values of reading to your children early and often, even when you read the same story over and over for days on end.Through the years some of my children have really enjoyed using tapes … [Read more...]

Review: Samson’s Classroom

Samson's Classroom is an online series that is many programs rolled into one, it teaches reading, sight words, and reading all in one program! Children grades k-5 play fun and engaging games and learn key concepts, all while being encouraged and rewarded from Sampson.There are 3 parts to the program to teach your child the different concepts, each program is fun and engaging for kids. The programs are Sight Words with Samson, Spelling with Samson, and Reading with Samson, below I will explain … [Read more...]

Review & Giveaway: Show Me A Story

We were asked to help review and share a wonderful new book Show Me A Story, this new book was just released on 8/13/2012. Even with it just being released it has already won the Dr Toy award for 2012. It was written by a mother of 2 girls looking to share ways to help parents begin, develop and play with story telling using craft projects and activities.Show me a story starts with a preface from the Author, Emily where she shares about her childhood, and how when she was young she would explore … [Read more...]

Review: Reading Kingdom

Reading kingdom is an online program for children that is easy to use and teaches children grades 4-10 year olds how to read and write to a third grade level. . Reading Kingdom can be used as a stand alone reading curriculum or used as a supplement to any curriculum. Kids often refer to Reading Kingdom as a reading game and not work, taking the struggle out of getting your kids to work on reading! Reading Kingdom was developed by Dr. Miron Blanka world renowned expert on literacy and the … [Read more...]

Childrens Books ~ Halloween and Fall

Childrens Books ~ Fall and Halloween I don't leave all of our books on the book shelves, I pick out the books that are related to what we are studying along with the season it currently is. I also get a bunch of library books, that I order the week before we start a new unit. Here are the books that we have been reading for the last month, and will stay on the shelves till after Thanksgiving. I love this series for kids, it is full of questions kids or even adults have about a particular … [Read more...]