50+ Terrific Activities To Get Kids Super Excited About STEAM

Did you know that only 36% of kids graduating are ready for college level science? By 2018 the United States will be 3 million high skilled workers short in the science field. Our country is falling further and further behind in educating children in the science. In my opinion this is because we are not sparking the love of learning in our children. We are teaching many of our children to take a test, and not to enjoy and retain what they are learning. No matter if you homeschool your … [Read more...]

Amazing STEAM Activities That Will Intrigue Your Kids

Trying to fit in fun, memorable, hands on science ideas is something I am always looking to do in our homeschool. If there is 1 thing that I have learned over our 12 years of homeschooling our kids, its that kids learn best by doing hands on projects instead of just reading something out of a boring ol' science book. Unfortunately science was never my strong suits in school, so coming up with the ideas on my own doesn't work so well. That's one of the reasons we are loving  STEAM … [Read more...]

Mixtures In Science

This month in our science lab unit we have done many fun activities. We have had fun learning about different states of matter we also had a fun time mixing different things together. Mixtures In Science To start this theme we sang a mixing color song to the tune of "Frere Jacques." The kids always have a great time singing the daily song and going over our circle time board before starting for the day. Mixing Experiment Before we started this activity the boys had to predict what they … [Read more...]

States Of Matter Learning Ideas

Out theme last month for our Mother Goose Time was Science Lab. Both of the boys were so excited to be starting this unit all of my kids love all things science. As we have gone through this unit we have had a lot of fun learning all about different science topics. Fun Learning About States Of Matter One day we spent focused on the topic of states of matter. We actually continuously talked about different states of matter for quite a while after learning about it. Liquid / Solid … [Read more...]

By Design ~ Inquiry Based Science Review

Finding a science program for my upper middle school and high school kiddos has been a struggle. One of the big issues with most science programs I find is that they are not creation based, but teach evolution. I don't want my kids to have to filter through all the evolution based parts in the curriculum. When you do find a creation based science program it is a struggle to find one that is more hands on verses reading and testing over and over. I don't want my kids just filling up their time … [Read more...]

How to Make an Excellent Grass Hat Kids Craft

This simple to make kids craft was a hit this month with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum!! These grass hats were not only simple to make but were so much fun to play with too. Supplies Needed for Grass Hat Kids Craft Green Construction Paper Bug Stickers ~ (ours came in our curriculum, these are some similar ones on Amazon) Scissors Stapler We started out cutting the green paper strips in half to make sure we would have enough to fit on the kids heads. Then they used their … [Read more...]

Going On A Big and Fascinating African Safari

This month in our Mother Goose Time curriculum our theme has been Going On Safari. The boys have really enjoyed using our African Safari sensory bin this month, it has been such a fun sensory idea for the kids. At the beginning of our unit the boys had a great time making a Safari hat and then going on an African safari looking for animals. Safari HatsThe boys worked hard to make their African Safari hats. Ethan decided he was not cutting his tissue paper and glued the entire thing on his hat. … [Read more...]

Big Ocean Animals

Our preschool theme for this month is Ocean Commotion, the kids have been having a great time learning about different Ocean themed topics. I have learned that Ethan knows a lot about ocean animals, he has been able to tell Gabe, and me many different facts about our ocean topics that I had no clue about. Today I am going to share some of the fun things we have done while learning about octopus, whales, and sharks this month. Our schedule has been pretty mixed up the last couple weeks … [Read more...]

Homeschool Preschool Science

Our topic for the month for all of the Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassadors is science in Mother Goose Time. There are many different ways that Mother Goose Time entwines science into everyday learning. You can visit their website for a full explanation of how they add science into their curriculum. Each of the monthly topics we have done so far have either been about a science topic or geography topic. For example this month we are learning about the Ocean, each day we learn about a … [Read more...]

100+ Outer Space Learning Ideas For Kids

This month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we are learning out Space. Each month we use a the preschool curriculum with our preschooler, but my 1st grader loves to do the activities with him. I look around and put together activities that are a little more challenging for him to do along with our unit. So here is my round up of all of the great outer space resources I have found for the month. Great Outer Space Learning Ideas For Kids   Our Favorite Astronomy Books on … [Read more...]