How To Make A Remarkable Visual Schedule For Better Behavior

Many parents think setting up a visual schedule for their children with ASD or SPD will be a daunting task or to time consuming, so they choose not to make one. In actuality it saves parents/caregivers time in having to deal with behavioral issues. Often parents of children with ASD or SPD who have used visual schedules will say that it has been their most useful resource. Anyone who has an autistic child knows that these kiddos need very structured schedules in their life and they are very … [Read more...]

Benefits of Listening Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism

Over the many years of dealing with sensory processing disorder and autism with a couple of our kids, I have learned so much. One thing we try very hard not to do is medicate our children, even if it might just be easier to give them a pill to calm them down. We will try every other possible thing to help them before even beginning thinking about that. We have in the past given our son with ADHD medicine many years ago for a short time, but after finding out that the medicine changed … [Read more...]

Tonsils Out and Tubes In ~ Ethan’s Cleft Palate & Lip Journey

We found out when we were pregnant with our 5th child I seen a high risk specialist due to gestational diabetes. During the routine ultrasound we were told that more then likely our baby had a cleft lip and they were not sure if he had a cleft palate. You can read more about our beginning journey as well as his first surgery in our previous post. When he was born we knew he would need a cleft lip repair surgery, and possibly a cleft palate surgery too. I suppose because it is hard to imagine … [Read more...]

Cleft Palate Repair Surgery ~ Ethan’s Cleft Lip/Palate Journey

I posted about Ethan's Cleft Lip surgery when he was 3 months old and that explains the starting of his cleft lip and cleft palate repair journey. I also shared how we found out that our baby was going to be born with a cleft palate and lip and my struggles that come along with raising a child with a cleft lip and palate. Normally a child with a cleft palate would have cleft palate repair surgery before their 1st birthday to prevent any speech impairments. Because Ethan only had a partial cleft … [Read more...]

Great Books and Websites to Learn About Autism

For those of you that are not aware April is National Autism month. A disease that has a special place in our every day lives. We have 2 children that are on the Autism spectrum thankfully both of them are high functioning. 1 of them has received a diagnosis, the other one we know that he has it but we have not gone in for testing for the official diagnosis. We have one of our Autistic kiddos that is on the very low end and doesn't like to do much talking or do much work at all which is … [Read more...]

5 Days Of Sensory Processing Disorder Resources Series

I just recently finished participating in the 5 Days of Sensory Processing Disorder resources for the Schoolhouse Review Crew! I had a lot of fun putting these posts together, and realized I have a lot to say about Sensory Processing Disorder much more then even written in the posts. I guess after 5 years of dealing with it, reading, researching, and trying different things one would have a lot to say about it  :-D ! I thought I would put together a post with links to all the different … [Read more...]

Sensory Processing Disorder Tips For Parents and Resources

Welcome to the last day of the 5 days of Sensory Processing Disorder series going on this week for the Schoolhouse Review! There are 90 bloggers that are joining in on this and each has chosen a topic, with lots of different topics and articles being shared. Today I am sharing some sensory processing disorder tips for parents and then sharing a few great resources for SPD! I have 3 of my boys who suffer with sensory processing disorder, the sad thing is because I have never heard about … [Read more...]

Early Intervention and Sensory Processing Disorder

Welcome to day 4 of our series 5 Days Of Sensory Processing Disorder!  On Monday I explained What Sensory Processing Disorder is, Tuesday I shared How Sensory Processing Disorder Effects your kids, and yesterday I shared the many sensory ideas we use in our house regularly to implement a sensory diet each day. Today I am going to talk about the importance Early Intervention, this is something I feel VERY strong. This is due to the fact that because of early intervention my 5 year old has been … [Read more...]

Sensory Diet and Our Favorite SPD Products

Welcome to day 3 of our series 5 Days Of Sensory Processing Disorder! Yesterday I talked about How Sensory Processing Disorder effects your child and the symptoms of the different sensory systems, on Monday I talked about What exactly Sensory Processing Disorder is. Today I am going over all kinds of ideas information about sensory diet, what they are, why they are needed, and some in home sensory diet ideas! I am also going to share some of our favorite SPD Products. Sensory Diet is … [Read more...]

How Sensory Processing Disorder Affects Your Child

Welcome to day 2 of our 5 days of Sensory Processing Disorder series!! Yesterday I explained what Sensory Processing Disorder is. Today, because Sensory Processing Disorder can effect your child in so many different ways, I thought I would put together a post on how it affects each of the different systems and share also some of the symptoms. There are 7 different senses, with each of these senses a SPD kiddo can have an over-responsively or under-responsively so for example one child will … [Read more...]