St Patrick Day Montessori Activities

With our time off the last couple weeks I managed to get some new materials printed off, and added to the shelves. Here are some of the St Patrick Day Montessori activities that have been added. Memory Game: With the cards in this basket the kids can play a St. Patty's Day memory game, there are 2 sets of cards printed off. This was purchased from Montessori Print Shop. Match Up: The kids will look for the correct picture to match up on the board. This was purchased from Montessori Print … [Read more...]

St Patrick Day Sensory Bin ~ Digging for Lucky Coins

With the fact that Valentine's Day is now over, I decided it was time to change our sensory bin out. So our first sensory bin for the next month is.... St Patrick Day Sensory Bin ~ Digging for "lucky coins" Later on in the month when the kids loose interest in the bin, I plan on adding some sand sifters so they can sift for the lucky coins. So whats in the St Patrick Day Sensory bin??  2 bags of lucky coins I picked up from Big Lots for $1 And sand we had on … [Read more...]