St Patrick Day Art projects

St Patrick Day Art Projects Friday we were able to do our Friday art project again, which we haven't been able to do in a while. I found this project to make a cute St Patrick Day art project on Pinterest and decided that is what we were going to do for our project. I filled our paint containers with the colors of the rainbow. I also took out our glitter green and gold paint for the kids to paint their 3 wooden hearts and 1 popsicle stick to make our shamrock for the … [Read more...]

St Patrick Day Montessori Activities

With our time off the last couple weeks I managed to get some new materials printed off, and added to the shelves. Here are some of the St Patrick Day Montessori activities that have been added. Memory Game: With the cards in this basket the kids can play a St. Patty's Day memory game, there are 2 sets of cards printed off. This was purchased from Montessori Print Shop. Match Up: The kids will look for the correct picture to match up on the board. This was purchased from Montessori Print … [Read more...]

What’s In The Drawers Wednesday

I decided to change things around in the classroom, and have put Gabe's shelf materials into our Ikea drawers that I hadn't figured out what to do with yet. It seems to work a lot easier for being able to change out his activities out for him in the mornings and not having to go to the shelves to pick out his materials. Where Gabe's trays were has now been turned into storage for our current science theme, as we ran out of space on our previous science area! I will change some activities out … [Read more...]

St Patrick Day Sensory Bin ~ Digging for Lucky Coins

With the fact that Valentine's Day is now over, I decided it was time to change our sensory bin out. So our first sensory bin for the next month is.... St Patrick Day Sensory Bin ~ Digging for "lucky coins" Later on in the month when the kids loose interest in the bin, I plan on adding some sand sifters so they can sift for the lucky coins. So whats in the St Patrick Day Sensory bin??  2 bags of lucky coins I picked up from Big Lots for $1 And sand we had on … [Read more...]