Transportation Unit ~ Bridge Snacks

We have had a great time this month learning all about Things That Go. We have learned so many things and we are looking forward to starting to work on our Sights and Sounds of Winter unit next month. This months bridge snacks were a delicious treat during our unit. Bridge Snacks Every month Mother Goose Time includes a themed food idea. This months to go with our Things That Go theme we made bridge snacks. With these we work together the supplies and ingredients, follow the steps, and … [Read more...]

Racecar Matching Game

The boys have been really enjoying this months topic of Things That Go. We have had fun making our own DIY Race Track, make our own car, truck, and traffic cones and learned lots of great things about all things transportation! This racecar matching game was a fun way to practice recognizing alphabets. Racecar Matching Game Mother Goose Time had these inside of our curriculum for the month, so all we had to do was cut them up. They had to find the upper case letter and the lower case … [Read more...]

Things That Go Craft

With this months topic we have had a lot of fun learning about Things That Go craft! The boys made a huge DIY Car mat but they also made these fun car, truck, and traffic cones to add to their DIY city. DIY Car with Moveable Wheels Our first project was to make a car. We used the provided cardboard printouts found in our Mother Goose Time curriculum and then attached the wheels with a straw going through the car with a wheel on each side. DIY Pick Up Truck For our pick up truck … [Read more...]

Transportation Theme ~ DIY Car Mat

This month in our Mother Goose timeCurriculum we have been studying transportation. For this day what started with 2 sheets of paper, chalk, and signs turned out to be a huge town made from many sheets of paper. This is the exact thing I love about raising children who love to learn, their imaginations go off on a huge tangent from a simple activity and what was supposed to last for a short time can be brought out into a day long or multiple day tangent. The boys enjoyed the activity so much … [Read more...]

Day Out With Thomas ~ Michigan & Family 4 Pack Giveaway   So of the 5 boys we have, all of my kids have loved trains but none quite as much as Gabe. He is in love with not just any trains but Thomas and all his friends (he can name each engine), so much he even has an accent like the characters on the Thomas shows, it is really quite adorable! We have been blessed to be able to attend the upcoming show A Day Out With Thomas that will be coming to Flint, Michigan. We haven't told Gabe yet because once we do … [Read more...]

Jet Engine Experiment

I found a great experiment for the kids from 101 Great Science Experiments, I thought it would be a fun was to learn about how jets engines use air to move since we added jets to our lapbooks last week. First the boys taped a straw to the balloon with duct tape, then they threaded the rope  through the straw (we just used a clothes line rope because my twine was missing in action lol.)  We ended up using a straw from a fast food place, due to the fact all the straws we had around the house … [Read more...]

Things That Go 0-6! Week 1

Things That Go Unit We started our new theme, that we will be on for the next couple weeks Transportation & Things That Go. It will be the last theme we do before we start our Fall themes in preparation for the Pumpkin Patch field trip and Halloween. Practical Life: Take one of the transportation buttons and thread them on one of the glitter pipe cleaners. Use the chopsticks or the tweezers to pick up 1 of the transportation bandz and put it into the clear bowl. Pouring … [Read more...]

Things That GO ~ Week 1

Things That Go Transportation Unit Study We started our Transportation Theme unit Things That Go last week with the boys. We have been starting our morning with some great worship songs, while searching for good kids worship songs on the internet, I came across a great group that the kids have just been loving , I have caught every one of the boys walking through the house singing one of the songs. They are the Go Fish Guys, and we have been watching them on YouTube. The Bible Book Bop is … [Read more...]