Valentine Craft Ideas ~ Heart Sun Catchers

Valentine Craft Ideas ~ Heart Sun Catchers We did a simple Valentine craft ideas for our Friday art project 2 weeks ago, that I just realized didn't get around to posting. This was such an easy project to do that I got everything together and Serena was in charge of this art project, while I was able to get some of my phone calls done. That meant she was also in charge of taking pictures of the project and didn't end up taking to many of them :). Supplies you will need to make this simple … [Read more...]

Valentine Day Montessori Practical Life

I added the last of the Valentine Day Montessori practical life work on to the shelves this week, here is a peek into the new works added.   Pouring X's and O's: The kids will pour the little X's and O's from one cup to the other. Here are the x's and o's that are in the cup. I found them in the dollar section at Target, they are supposed to be used for table scatter, but I decided to use some for Practical Life activities and the others for our math counters the kids have to choose … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Cards Idea Mailing Station For Kids

Valentines Day Cards Ideas For Kids I added a Valentines Day Cards Idea for kids, a "Mailing Station" to the class today. Just a fun way for the kids to be able to make Valentines for each other, and their friends coming to our Valentine's Day party we have planned. In the basket there is Valentine's stampers Stickers or foam stickers to decorate their cards with A pen for them to address and write inside the card along with the Blank cards and envelopes I picked up blank cards … [Read more...]

Valentine Day Sensory Bin

Valentine Day Sensory Bin For our February sensory bin I choose to go along with the Valentine day sensory bin for the upcoming holiday. I am still alternating it with our Winter Sensory bin. Sensory bins have always been a hit in our house, they help keep the little ones busy. We sneak in many different ways to teach the kids using our sensory bins. We practice counting, patterns, fine motor skills, and many other ideas are used depending on the sensory bin. Whats Inside our … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Montessori Activities and Practical Life

Valentines Day Montessori activities and Practical Life Work Last week I started printing off some Valentine's work and added them to the shelves. I also changed some of our winter practical life trays and changed them over to Valentines Day Montessori activities. Confessions of A Homeschool has a bunch of great resources on the letter "V" for Valentine's to print off and that is what we used for most of our print offs. The Valentine's matching game, follow the arrows and spell Valentines … [Read more...]

Winter and Valentines Day Montessori activities

Winter and Valentines Day Montessori Activities Here are a few of the new valentines day montessori activities and winter montessori activities I added to our shelves in the last few days. Tweezing Pom Poms: The kids found this pickle picker this morning and were asking to use it, so I put together a work they could use if for. They pick up each of the cotton balls or pom poms and then put them into a pattern using the pickle grabber. This was a favorite today for all the … [Read more...]

Our Hands and Snowman Craft Ideas

Snowman Craft Ideas and Our Hands We had my almost 3 year old niece join us on Monday and Tuesday for school, while my sister and brother in law were moving. It made our morning a little crazy, because Gabe knew we were busy with keeping everyone  busy, and kept running off to get into trouble, but it was fun. We are starting our studies on the Human Body this week, starting with our hands, we talked about all the things we do with our hands, and experimented with not using our thumbs to pick … [Read more...]