St Patrick Day Art projects

St Patrick Day Art Projects

Friday we were able to do our Friday art project again, which we haven’t been able to do in a while. I found this project to make a cute St Patrick Day art project on Pinterest and decided that is what we were going to do for our project.
I filled our paint containers with the colors of the rainbow.
I also took out our glitter green and gold paint for the kids to paint their 3 wooden hearts and 1 popsicle stick to make our shamrock for the lids.
The kids took 12 popsicle sticks for the lid and painted 2 of each color, and then did 1 extra any color, for a total of 13 sticks for the lid.
Some of the kids decided to paint the rest of their popsicle sticks so that the whole thing would be decorated. They used 45 sticks for the rest of the box, 12 for the base, and 32 for the sides.
We were only going to let them dry for a few hours and finish them, but we ended up having company and finishing them Monday… The kids glued the sticks together to make the lid. Some put the 2 end sticks on top and others put it under.
After their lids were finished they glued their shamrocks together and added them to their lids.
Here is Ethan’s lid.
Next they worked on the base.
Here is Cody’s finished treasure box.

Here is Dustin’s he decided to only paint the 13 for the lid.

Here are 4 of the boxes finished up, Serena ended up using 60 popsicle sticks for hers and you can tell it is a lot bigger than the others!
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  1. Visiting from Preschool Corner! Very cute idea and activity!

  2. those are cute! and it’s something that they can use after the holiday too! thanks again for linking up!

  3. Very cute – I love the skills that would be involved in doing them and I can see a way to adapt it for my toddler as well.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots this week.

  4. Cute idea! We have precolored craft sticks, so this would be even easier for us. Hmmm…!

    • Shecki,
      Oh yes that would have made the project much easier and a lot less messy ;-)! I would have not though of it though, great idea!!! Thank so much for stopping by!!

  5. This is cute! I can think of many ideas for these. I would love it if you would link up your ideas at our Monday of Many Blessings Link Up!After all with a name as close as ours can only mean good things,right? HA!

  6. so fun and so interesting to see how everyone does the same thing just a little bit different. Have a great weekend!

  7. So Cute for St Patrick’s day – thank you for sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday

  8. This is such a colorful idea!! Sneaky sneeky(:

    • Crystal,
      It is so colorful, and the kids really had such a great time making them!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed weekend!!


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