Sensory Resources Gift Basket Giveaway

If you have been a follower of the blog for a while you might remember our great giveaway 2 years ago of a basket full of sensory resources. It was part of the back to school gift basket giveaway along with 27 other bloggers from iHomeschool network. Well this year we are back with another gift basket giveaway full of great sensory resources again. The resources are different from last years so you will want to make sure to get entered for your chance to win!!


There are 51 other bloggers participating in the back to school prize basket giveaway, each having their own themed basket. Stop over and get entered to win some of the others too. The bottom of the post lists the other 51 giveaways going on during the back to school giveaways.

Sensory Resources Gift Basket Giveaway

This year we have had a couple companies who have graciously contributed some great resources to make this giveaway super awesome. The ARV of this prize basket is $160.00!! 


Zones Of Regulation Program – I posted a review of this unique and amazing program for all kids, but it is especially helpful for kids with sensory issues. We have LOVED this program and continue to use it in our house for our sensory kiddos!! We are giving away 1 copy of the program ARV $44.


$50 Gift Card to Peace Weighted Products This company makes homemade weighted products anything from blankets, lap pads, animals, and more. Anyone with a kiddo that has sensory issues knows how amazing weighted products can be for these kiddos!! They are giving away a $50 gift card to any of their products on their website.

1st Photos-6

calming bottles-1

2 Sensory Bottles –  These sensory bottles are great for kiddos with sensory issues great for time out timers. You get the choice of color and if you want 2 glitter bottles, 2 oil bottles, or 1 of each. ARV $25.00.

Water beads – 4 packages of water beads, a perfect sensory play idea for kids. ARV $5.00.


Cozy PhonesWe were given a pair of the amazing headphones for a review that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet, but we are offering a pair in the gift basket. Listening therapy is great for kids with sensory issues, but as many of you know the headphones can annoy the kids or break easily. These headphones are worn like a headband that are flat against the kids heads, and they have special cords that are not easily broken. ARV $15.00.



Little Hands BusyBags ~ is contributing a few different products in the prize basket this year. She is an independent seller of wonderful sensory resources over on Etsy. Her shop is a great place to find some very useful sensory resources. ARV $20.50.

  1. Colors and Shapes Sensory Bag ~ Busy bags are simple, fun, educational, ready to use activities for young children to do on their own (or with minimal help from their grown ups). they are designed for ages one to six, although some can be used for older children. busy bags work on fine & gross motor skills, color, letter & number recognition, activities of daily living, and much more.
  2. Alphabet I-Spy Sensory Bag ~ Busy bags are simple, fun, educational, ready to use activities for young children to do on their own (or with minimal help from their grown ups). they are designed for ages one to six, although some can be used for older children. busy bags work on fine & gross motor skills, color, letter & number recognition, activities of daily living, and much more.
  3. Popsicle Stick Color Matching ~ Match the correct color popsicle stick to the popsicle, and insert the stick into the opening. a great busy bag for practicing color recognition, as well as fine motor skills.

This giveaway is only open for 1 week, so you will not want to wait to get entered to win. I will contact the winner within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and expect a response within 24 hours or another winner will be drawn. For your chance to win enter below using the Rafflecopter linky below. Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Disclaimer: I was provided with some of the products in this giveaway for the purpose of including them in my giveaway. All opinions are my honest opinions and I was not compensated in any other way. For more information visit my full disclosure policy.


  1. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I really want to win the busy bags.

  2. I’m most excited about the sensory bottles. I plan to use it with my preschooler and toddler. Thanks!

  3. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I like the BusyBags. My son starts teaching special education this year and he can use all of these products.

  4. Kristin Evans says:

    My oldest has SPD and this would be an awesome basket to win! Hope I win!!

  5. I am intrigued by many of these items, especially the weighted items and the sensory bags. I would like to have these items as a resource for our church. We are slowly developing more and more of a special needs children ministry, and having these on hand would help our teachers.

  6. LOVE the sensory basket! What a wonderful idea!

  7. My son could really use a weighted throw so that gift certificate would sure be nice! I’m heading over to read your review of the sensory curriculum next. That sounds great too!

  8. Teri Knight says:

    What a wonderful basket of prizes!! As the mother of a child on the spectrum with sensory issues…this would be perfect. I love the cozy phones. I think she would love those. She has to use headphones to block out so many noises that put her into sensory overload and then she has trouble with some of those. This would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. I like the Zones of Regulation and the sensory jars.

  10. Amber Green says:

    I would love the zone of regulation program. I would use it with 3 of my children with special needs (autism, developmental delays, mental health issues). They are ages 4, 5, and 11.

  11. I’m most excited about the sensory bottles!

  12. We are also blessed with six! Our oldest has SPD and I would love to try these things with her, especially the zones of regulation, as I have just recently heard of this. I look forward to perusing your blog as well. Thank you!

  13. I am most excited about the busy bags and sensory bottles for my toddler.

  14. Dawn Sullivan says:

    I’m interested in pretty much all of what’s in the basket.
    I would use it with my wiggly, pacing teen.

  15. Amy Marshall says:

    The peace weighted products. Id love to use it with 2 of my children and see if would help them.

  16. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!

  17. I would be interested in trying a weighted item with my son. I’ve heard good things about that sort of thing!

  18. I’m thrilled by all of the products in this giveaway….I personally really want to play with the sensory bottles, but believe all the products here would be great for my daughter in a clam down basket!

  19. Jenn Wolfe says:

    I have really wanted to try weighted products for my boys!

  20. These is a great giveaway for my daughter with ADHD. It’s such a blessing to be able to help her learn using “hands on” experiences.

  21. The Cozy Phones would be great for my 5 year old.

  22. Elizabeth Tierney says:

    This looks great!

  23. We would be most excited about the Little Hands Busy Bags. We have busy-busy 4yo twin girls. They would love discovering what’s inside these bags! 🙂
    Thanks for this opportunity to enter!

  24. I like it all but the zone curriculum looks really interesting. I hope this would help my three year old

  25. The Zone curriculum looks great for my special needs kiddo.

  26. I would love to try the headphones with my six year old!

  27. Most excited about the zone regulations

  28. I can’t wait to get my hands on those busy bags! We ARE busy at this house!

  29. Tammy Jones says:

    I would like to try the cozy phone and sensory bottles for my son who has a lot sensory issues.

  30. Jennifer Akers says:

    I am very interested in the Zones of Regulation, for my daughter.

  31. I love the sensory bottles and I think one of my daughters would really benefit from one.

  32. Judith Martinez says:

    I would love to read the book on self regulation. I’m pretty sure my 13 year old is on the Asperger spectrum and learning more would help me guide him better.

  33. I would be most excited to win the gift certificate to the Weighted Products site. My oldest child wanted a weighted blanket, and I would like to be able to get her one.

  34. I would like to try the busy bags for my son. He has busy handy that are not in the right places in my house.

  35. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I love all of it but I’m really excited about the cozy phones. My son has destroyed so many pairs of headphones with his fidgeting

  36. All of them!! My two littlest would adore these things!

  37. So many friends would be blessed by this basket!

  38. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I am most excited about winning the 2 Sensory Bottles. The whole gift basket would come in handy as I have 7 year old student with ASD, these items would be helpful in my classroom.

  39. Busy bags

  40. I am most excited about the weighted gift card and the I spy rice bags! My daughter could totally benefit from both those items!

  41. I would love these supplies for my educational therapy business!

  42. My grandkids are at this age and these items are perfect for sensory-stimulated learning. Thanks!

  43. Melanie Hawk says:

    The Cozy Phones in the color green… yaay! honestly though, the sensory bottles, the busy bags. I really need to find a weighted vest for my son or weighted lap blanket. Meet Hunter. ASD, SPD, ADHD. 9 years old. He is amazing! Hunter and I work together very well but that does not make the down times at doctors, therapists, specialists, travel times, or even time outs ( very clever for timer idea!!), waiting in lines, sitting in the shopping cart, and other daily tasks that we just haven’t figured out how to figure out yet (i hope that makes sense) quite doable. These are perfect items to travel with us in my tote bag and pull out as he needs to regulate and keep his hands and eyes busy, cover his ears, and all in all help keep his senses a bit more intact. This is amazing! I am so glad I have found you as your page offers a wealth of information. thank you!

  44. Robin Walkington says:

    The busy bag would be for my little one and I love the sensory jars

  45. I like it all and would use it with my little one 😊

  46. I think many of the items in this basket would be great for the little boy who lives next door to me. I like the headphones.

  47. Most excited for the sensory bottles.

  48. i know just the little ‘un who would love this basket — thank you for the chance!

  49. this would be great for my little boy


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