50+ Easy and Festive Patriotic Kids Craft Ideas

There are so many wonderful, easy patriotic kids craft ideas around the web I am sharing a bunch of them all in 1 spot for easy finding for myself and for others. There are patriotic kids craft ideas and adults on this list all are from some great bloggers from around the web. These patriotic kids craft ideas are perfect for your 4th of July celebrations, Memorial day, Labor day, and any other time you want to celebrate being an American. 50+ Festive and Easy Patriotic Kids Craft … [Read more...]

50+ Fun and Festive Patriotic Recipe Ideas

There are multiple holidays we enjoy celebrating as a family where we remember our family members along with all the others who sacrifice their time or lives to keep our country free. For Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July we take time out as a family to remember those who have died protecting our freedoms, and the time and commitment that people have spent protecting our freedoms. I want my children to understand that our country is not free just because, it is free because of the hard … [Read more...]

Our 4th Of July

  I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July, and I cannot believe it is already July where has this year gone? Serena took a nice camping vacation with the neighbor girls and their family for 5 days so she wasn't with us on the 4th but I'm sure she had an amazing time out on the boat all day for the 4th along with lots of fireworks and of course 5 days away from her brothers  ;-) We also had my niece over for the night of the 4th so she was able to enjoy the day with us and … [Read more...]

4th Of July Kids Activities ~ DIY Firecracker Bottles

With the Forth of July yesterday in the United States, I looked for fun, unique, and inexpensive 4th of July Kids Activities for the kids to enjoy the holiday! Our first project was DIY T-Shirts decorated in red, white, and blue I got an email from Discount School Supply and it included this project idea, I thought it would be a great way to for Ethan to still be able to watch the fire works but drowned out the sound of them with his own Fire Works (it worked wonders and he was able to sit … [Read more...]

DIY 4th Of July T-Shirts

Happy Forth Of July (a day late)!!!  I hope you had a safe a wonderful holiday! We spent the afternoon over to my aunt and uncle/dads house. The kids swam and had a cook out, then we came back home and let off our own fireworks, which the kids enjoyed, well they enjoyed them after dealing with neighbors that thought it would be funny to aim and shoot fireworks at my hose, kids, and other people, and then get very hostile when asked nicely to please stop! I am always looking for ways to let … [Read more...]