40+ Things To Do In Michigan Upper Peninsula

There are so many family friendly and memorable things to do in Michigan Upper Peninsula. While visiting You might see wolves, black bears, or moose. There are over 400 different types of birds, over 150 waterfalls, you can hike mountains, canoe along huge rock cliffs, search for sea glass along lake Superior, learn to make maple syrup, go morel mushroom hunting, eat the famous pasties, and so much more! For anyone who hasn't visited the UP, this is one place that you MUST visit! The beauty of … [Read more...]

50 Amazing and Engaging Screen Free Activities For Kids

We do let our kids have a small amount of screen time every day, but essentially we keep it to a minimum and have lots of screen free activities for the kids to do. There are some exceptions to the rule if someone has had a surgery and needs bedrest, if mom is sick, etc. Sometimes it can be a challenge keeping kids busy when we they are doing screen free activities instead of just turning on a TV or video game on to keep them busy and hold their interest. Over the years we have become … [Read more...]

Cleft lip Revision Surgery ~ Ethan’s Cleft Lip / Palate Journey

After Ethan was born we realized that even though he had a cleft lip, it wasn't as bad as some other kids cleft lips can be so we were able to cut out some extra surgeries fixing his lip. Our craniofacial surgeon told us they were hoping to fix his lip with only 1 surgery. Once surgery was completed that is just what they did, fix his cleft lip with only 1 surgery. Since he was younger when he got his first surgery, and just because Ethan is well... Ethan, keeping him from running around and … [Read more...]

Tonsils Out and Tubes In ~ Ethan’s Cleft Palate & Lip Journey

We found out when we were pregnant with our 5th child I seen a high risk specialist due to gestational diabetes. During the routine ultrasound we were told that more then likely our baby had a cleft lip and they were not sure if he had a cleft palate. You can read more about our beginning journey as well as his first surgery in our previous post. When he was born we knew he would need a cleft lip repair surgery, and possibly a cleft palate surgery too. I suppose because it is hard to imagine … [Read more...]

Birthday Party at The Outdoor Discovery Center

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure policy for more information. One of our all time favorite places to visit is the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, MI. We have been there many times, it is completely free to visit, and it is just an all around clean and fun place to visit with the kids. For birthdays we only host a birthday party and invite people over for the kids 16th birthday party and their 8th birthday. We do this because with 6 … [Read more...]

Monthly Freezer Crock Pot Meals

Welcome back to another day of crock pot freezer meals for a month. I have covered a bunch of different topics already in this series. I have covered an overview of the series, menu planning for a month of freezer crock pot meals, grocery list making and shopping for an entire month of freezer meals, and yesterday I shared some of the tips and ideas on what to prepare in advance for monthly freezer cooking. Today I am going to be sharing what the day of meal cooking looks like in our … [Read more...]

Preparing for Monthly Freezer Cooking

Welcome to my Monthly Freezer cooking and planning series. So far I have covered topics about planning as well as list making/shopping for a month. Today I am going to give you some tips for ways we make our freezer cooking day easier. I'm sure we will continue to learn more as time goes on, but after doing it years ago and doing it once again during this busy season in our lives these tips have been crutial for us to get all of our tasks accomplished. Things We Do In Advance There are … [Read more...]

List Making and Shopping For A Month

Welcome back to the third day of our monthly crock pot freezer meals planning series. Yesterday I shared how to make your meal plans for monthly freezer cooking, today I am going to be sharing how I make my shopping list for a months worth of groceries for our family of 8. We do some things a little differently then most people probably do, which makes going to the store regularly a little less of a necessity. All of our poultry and certain fruits, veggies, organic flour/coffee and more … [Read more...]

Monthly Freezer Crock Pot Meal Planning

Welcome to our first in depth post of how we monthly freezer crock pot meal planning and cooking series! Yesterday I shared an overview of the steps I plan on sharing during this series. The last day of the series I plan on answering your questions, so please comment on any of the posts, on Pinterest on any of the series pins, or over on our Instagram. Today I am going to give you an in depth look into what monthly meal planning looks like in our house of 8. For MANY years now we have … [Read more...]

Monthly Crock Pot Meal Planning and Cooking Series

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen that the last 2 months we have been freezer crock pot meal planning for 5 weeks at a time. There were so many questions on Instagram that I figured it was time to give you a look into how we do it. My plan is to share with you some in depth posts on how we do I do it all and also share some of our favorite recipes. Right now we have 4 teenagers and 2 younger kiddos. 2 of them are working as an assistant gymnastic coaches, and 1 of them … [Read more...]