The Age Old Question… How Do You Do It All?

There are so many questions other parents have asked me over the years. After 12 years of homeschooling 6 children and over 18 years parenting some pretty great kids, I sure have learned a lot along the way, often times the hard way ;-) . While I surely don't claim to know everything, here is a look into the age old question I get all the time, how you do it all? Lets start with me giving away my #1 secret, I don't do everything, I can't do everything. Once you realize that you are not … [Read more...]

Using Pinterest To Increase Blog Traffic

I have had fellow bloggers ask me how I get traffic to my blog. While there are many different ways I get traffic to my blog, I have already shared a couple ways to do so, in previous posts. Today I am going to share how to use Pinterest to increase blog traffic. Pinterest is my biggest social media traffic source so here is a look into how I use it! Anyone who has been following me for a while knows that I have a slight Pinterest addiction. There are not many social media sites that I can … [Read more...]

How We Feed Our Family of 8 For Less Then $200 A Week

There has been quite a bit of interest in how we manage to feed our large family of 8 for less then $200 a week eating mostly organic. I mean can you imagine how much our family eats, we have almost 4 teenagers that work out in the gym at least 3 days a week. 2 of them work many hours during the week. So I'm sure you can imagine how much food has to be cooked at every meal for everyone to leave the table full. Today I am going to share my menu's for the next 5 weeks and the shopping lists I … [Read more...]

50 Amazing and Engaging Screen Free Activities For Kids

We do let our kids have a small amount of screen time every day, but essentially we keep it to a minimum and have lots of screen free activities for the kids to do. There are some exceptions to the rule if someone has had a surgery and needs bedrest, if mom is sick, etc. Sometimes it can be a challenge keeping kids busy when we they are doing screen free activities instead of just turning on a TV or video game on to keep them busy and hold their interest. Over the years we have become … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime ~ SO Much More Then Just Free Shipping

I have been a member of Amazon Prime since 2007, yes that means for almost the last 10 years I have been a member. That also means I have been a member since before most people realized how awesome and super convenient Amazon was for us moms!! I now do so much of my shopping for things other then food and most of my Christmas shopping through Amazon. When I first joined Amazon Prime, it was quite a bit cheaper per year to be part of and it also didn't come with all of the perks it does … [Read more...]

Using Google Keyword Planner to Plan Your Posts

I have been working on a blogging series of all the great tips I have learned over the years. I have already shared how to get massive amounts of traffic to your blog as well as how to make money blogging. I have been waiting to get this post up for a while but with Google continuing to say they are updating Keywords I was trying to wait. Since it doesn't seem to be happening I figured I would just get the post up for you anyway. Of course as soon as I get this up I'm sure Google will finally … [Read more...]

Absolutely wonderful, unique, and mobile Lego storage idea

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's kids love Lego bricks and who struggles finding room for Lego storage. With all the gifts that come every year with 6 kids we have accumulated many, many Lego sets over the years. For a couple years some of the kids have asked for ONLY Lego's for Christmas and birthdays. While we are very picky with what toys come into the house, Lego sets are something that get used over and over almost daily they are played with many hours every week. They are … [Read more...]

How We Store our Monthly Food

As I stated the other day I am going to give you a look into just how we store a months worth of food for 8 people. Like I also stated before we do things differently this time of year because we do not get our fruits and veggies from the farmers market anymore which means there is a lot more things in my freezer then normal. We also freeze strawberry jam and cut strawberries every year which equals about 100lbs of strawberries we prepare. We freeze corn and zucchini as well so our freezers are … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Planning ~ This Months Menus and Questions Answered

I recently shared a photo of our monthly Costco shopping trip over on Instagram. I had a request for this months menu as well as a lot of questions. I thought there are probably others who have the same questions so I am just addressing them all on the blog in 1 spot. At the very bottom of this post you will find our menu's for the month, as well as links on how to do your own monthly meal planning. This includes making the list, putting it to a menu, shopping, and making our monthly meals. If … [Read more...]

Great Tips For Sick Kids

When we get sick kids in our house, it can be very draining for everyone, expecially if it decides to go through all 8 of us. We have already had 3 bouts of the flu go through the house since the weather started getting colder I have a feeling it may be a long winter!! What does a house look like when 7 people, including mom are sick you ask?? Well I took a few pictures of one of the bouts of flu that went through everyone including mom in a 48 hour period. Let me tell you that makes for a … [Read more...]