FLASH SALE: Homeschooling When You Want To Quit

I was so excited to share my recent collaborative book project with you a while back that I contributed a few chapters to with the wonderful ladies from iHomeschool network called Homeschooling When You Want To Quit. This book is such an amazing resource for anyone who homeschools or is thinking about homeschooling their kids. The book is now available as a hard copy over on amazon for anyone who likes reading the real book instead of the PDF. For today and tomorrow only we are offering … [Read more...]

Homeschooling ~ What To Do When You Want To Quit

Since joining the wonderful group of homeschool bloggers at iHomeschool Network I have now collaborated in 2 different books about homeschooling. The first one was How We Teach, where I contributed 4 different chapters. The second one has just been released, it is Homeschooling What To Do When You Want to Quit. Just like the first book How I Teach, this book is just full of amazing resources for any struggles you can face at anytime in your homeschool journey. These are things that … [Read more...]

How I Teach, After 10 Years Of Homeschooling

I was asked by a follower on Instagram what method we use for homeschooling our kids. I realized, when replying, how long the answer really was to that question. The truth is, we use a mix of different methods with our kids. We are in our 10th year of homeschooling our kids, during that time we have used many different curriculums and tried many different methods in teaching our children. During seasons in our life certain methods worked that didn't during other seasons. One of the … [Read more...]