Beach and Ocean Activities

Welcome to part 4 of our beach and ocean unit! For anyone just joining us, I have split our beach and ocean unit up into 5 different posts and am posting them every other day, the last three days topics were, Part 1 - beach and ocean shelves. Part 2 - Ocean sensory bins. Part 3 - movement activity Today I am sharing some of the misc. beach and ocean activities we did during our beach and ocean unit, my camera got dropped into the cats water bowl thanks to my toddler, and was out of … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean Shelves

Our first 2 weeks back to school we focused on oceans and beaches, we were using our Summer Montessori manuals, and are just about finished with them. Because we have done so many fun activities during our beach/ocean unit, I have decided to split the posts up into a series of 5 different posts, and will be posting a new post every other day until the series is finished. Today I am sharing our beach and ocean unit shelves our shelves are a mix of hands on learning activities that can be … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean ~ Preschool / Toddler week 2

Here is a look at some of the fun stuff the little boys did last week. We are not fully into the school year yet, we are still enjoying outside quite a bit, while the weather is still warm. Our theme for this week is beach and ocean and we had lots of fun hands on learning ideas!! Practical Life: With this activity the kids can use the squeeze fish bubble blower and dip it into bubble solution and squeeze the bubbles out!! Pouring popcorn kernels from one … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean ~ week 1

Yesterday the boys did their morning work.. Our theme for the next month is Beach and Ocean, so we have been working on lots of hands on fun all beach and ocean themed! Ethan wanted to use the Metal Inset Tracing Tray.. I don't have the insets yet so we are just using the stencils we have. They fit perfectly in there and he doesn't have to hold on to them. It is also really nice not to have to worry about pencils rolling on the floor... We found a fun beach and ocean … [Read more...]

Ocean and Beach Unit Day 1

Today was day 1 of our school year! When Gabe went down for his nap this after noon I had the kids work for a few hours, on anything on the shelf or anything I had put in their drawers to get done. But everyone seemed to enjoy it, and learn some things along the way! Our theme right now is ocean and beach. Here is the spooning activity on the shelves for the next couple weeks, the kids will used the decorated spoon and spoon the marbles onto the suction cups. Dustin giving it a … [Read more...]

Ocean Sensory Bin

I finally finished getting the ocean sensory bin together last night, and since today was our "start" to school it worked out perfect. I will say that the official start of the school year did not go quite as originally planned, but worked out great in the end. I have my very good friends 2 kids over for a few days on top of my 6 so we had 8 kids doing crafts, cooking and school today. So here is our latest Ocean Sensory Bin, which has been a hit with all the kids! Whats inside... … [Read more...]