Super Easy Ornaments Christmas Kids Craft Ideas

Christmas time is a big time for different crafts in our house. We take the whole month of December off in our homeschool from our regular studies and add in different baking, crafting, and hands on learning ideas. These super easy to make ornaments Christmas kids craft ideas was a perfect fit for our first week off. We invited some friends over to make them with us, the craft was easy enough for little ones, and fun enough for the bigger kids to enjoy. Even if the big kids waited to make … [Read more...]

Amazing STEAM Activities That Will Intrigue Your Kids

Trying to fit in fun, memorable, hands on science ideas is something I am always looking to do in our homeschool. If there is 1 thing that I have learned over our 12 years of homeschooling our kids, its that kids learn best by doing hands on projects instead of just reading something out of a boring ol' science book. Unfortunately science was never my strong suits in school, so coming up with the ideas on my own doesn't work so well. That's one of the reasons we are loving  STEAM … [Read more...]

Bring History To Life With Heirloom Audio ~ Giveaway

One of the things we LOVE to use in our homeschool is audio books. It makes the countless number of drives back and forth to therapy, gymnastics, and doctors appointments a little more fun. We usually just use audio books we have got off of Audible. We were recently able to try a whole other kind of audio book that was simply, the best audio books we have ever used, they really bring history to life for kids. These audio books are made from the designers of the well know Adventures In Odyssey … [Read more...]

Fun Duck, Fish, and Alligator Activities Oh My

This month we have been working through a fun theme, Bubbles, Boats, and Floats. The boys have been having such a great time with this theme. I previously shared about our beaver theme and all the fun we had with that. Today I am going to share about some of the fun Duck, Fish, and Alligator themed activities we did. Duck Hats Our duck hats were so adorable and a fun activity to do. While all the materials were provided by Mother Goose Time as usual, it would be quite easy to adapt it to … [Read more...]

Hands On Learning Fun with Beavers

Our Mother Goose Time curriculum theme this past month was Bubbles Boats, & Floats. What boy doesn't love boats, bubbles, and water themed activities? We have had many fun topics while doing this unit, today I am going to share with you our "beavers" topic. Beavers Song Every day starts out with a song and this day was no different. We sang Have You Seen the Beaver" to the tune of "The Muffin Man."  They boys always love our song time, but Gabe especially loves the songs. He is a kid … [Read more...]

3D Pens For Kids

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free for review purposes, and was compensated for this review. I was not required to write a positive review only to give my honest opinion of the product. Read my Full Disclosure policy for more information. We don't really use an art curriculum for the kids, however, I love teaching my kids how to do different arts and crafts projects. They often do free form art and make whatever they want to. Sometimes we choose a project from a list of … [Read more...]

Lifecycle Of A Butterfly Craft For Kids

Our Mother Goose Time Curriculum theme for last month was butterflies and bees. We spent the first 2 weeks of our unit studying and learning all about bee's. The second 2 weeks were spent learning about butterflies. Once of the topics we learned about was the lifecycle of a butterfly, today I am going to share with you the project we did to learn all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Materials Needed For Lifecycle Of A Butterfly Craft Paper Plate Small Piece of Crepe Paper … [Read more...]

Math-U-See Algebra 1 Review and Your Choice Level Giveaway

When we reviewed Math-U-See years ago I fell in love with the program. It was able to teach my daughter math concepts that she was really struggling to pick up. Math became a subject she dreaded doing, until she did Math-U-See. Since then it has been the only math program we have used for all of our kids. I even have our high school students take the Stewardship class for their 4th year of high school math to understand savings, interest, how to balance a checking account, and more. The … [Read more...]

By Design ~ Inquiry Based Science Review

Finding a science program for my upper middle school and high school kiddos has been a struggle. One of the big issues with most science programs I find is that they are not creation based, but teach evolution. I don't want my kids to have to filter through all the evolution based parts in the curriculum. When you do find a creation based science program it is a struggle to find one that is more hands on verses reading and testing over and over. I don't want my kids just filling up their time … [Read more...]

Chapul High Protein Energy Bars and Flour Giveaway

Happy Earth Day!! Today I have a great product to introduce to you that is made using sustainable materials and the proceeds help to conserve water in the Colorado River. It is a perfect product to share with you on this Earth Day. My first experience with Chapul was on Shark Tank. Honestly I kind of thought it sounded disgusting to eat energy bars that were made with cricket flour. On that episode of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban signed a deal with the company, because he believed in their … [Read more...]