50+ Terrific Activities To Get Kids Super Excited About STEAM

Did you know that only 36% of kids graduating are ready for college level science? By 2018 the United States will be 3 million high skilled workers short in the science field. Our country is falling further and further behind in educating children in the science. In my opinion this is because we are not sparking the love of learning in our children. We are teaching many of our children to take a test, and not to enjoy and retain what they are learning. No matter if you homeschool your … [Read more...]

Amazing STEAM Activities That Will Intrigue Your Kids

Trying to fit in fun, memorable, hands on science ideas is something I am always looking to do in our homeschool. If there is 1 thing that I have learned over our 12 years of homeschooling our kids, its that kids learn best by doing hands on projects instead of just reading something out of a boring ol' science book. Unfortunately science was never my strong suits in school, so coming up with the ideas on my own doesn't work so well. That's one of the reasons we are loving  STEAM … [Read more...]

The Fascinating World Of Insects DVD ~ Schoolhouse Crew Review

Brainfood Learning offers wonderful DVD's to help enhance learning for your kids. We had the honors of reviewing The Fascinating World Of Insects DVD for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and this has been a DVD the kids have loved and one I haven't minded the kids watching!! Because the boys love collecting insects from around the yard, I thought this DVD would be a perfect fit for my boys. The Fascinating World of Insects DVD offers a view of many different types of insects, but adds in other … [Read more...]

Astronomy: The Sun

We studied the sun for our space unit. We have done lots of projects and hands on learning, and the kids learned about lots of new information. We started by watching a couple videos about solar flares, in looking for videos we learned about the solar flare of 2012 that is supposed to be a very bad flare this year, they are predicting that it will reek lots of havoc on our technology and power systems. Serena has been researching more in depth about the solar flares, as this has been very … [Read more...]

Astronomy: Gravity and Black Holes

We started out our Astronomy unit learning about Galaxies, after we studied different galaxies for a few days we moved onto Gravity, and finished off our week learning about Black Holes and playing a Free printable Black Hole Game! So today I am sharing our gravity and black holes resources! Gravity: We watched the following Magic School Bus video on youtube to learn a little bit about gravity.   We did THIS worksheet, the kids had to take their weight here on Earth, and … [Read more...]

Outer Space Sensory Play Idea For Kids

Because we will be involved in astronomy studies for the next month or so I made an Outer Space Sensory play bin for the boys. What's Inside Outer Space Sensory Play Bin? Grey Moon Sand Safari LTD Space Toobz Misc Glass Vase fillers Glow In The Dark Stars Glow In The Dark Planets 3 Different bowls   I took it out and it was a hit the boys played with this bin for quite a while and have taken it out daily for weeks now! We took the astronauts from our Space Toobz … [Read more...]

Our Astronomy Hands On Learning Ideas for Kids

We have been having lots of fun getting into our space unit, here are some of the things we have added to our astronomy shelves. Astronomy Learning Ideas for Kids We added some solar system window clings to the dining room window for the kids to play with. We added some of our space books. Here are our science shelves changed out from our Human Body unit to our space unit. I will be adding to the shelves as our studies continue.   We have a layers of the earth … [Read more...]

Montessori Astronomy: Galaxies

We have finished our Human Body unit and now have started our space unit. This past week we started with learning about ours, and other Galaxies and played a Black Hole game! We are using a couple different manuals to help us on our studies. First for the little boys we are using Karen Tylers Astronomy Manual, second for the older kids we are using Intellego Unit Studies Astronomy. Montessori Astronomy ~ Galaxies We started our week learning about how big our galaxy really is by watching the … [Read more...]

Human Anatomy Muscular System

We worked on our Human anatomy muscular system unit, we started off by reading some of our Human Body books. The Human body book I picked up from Sams Club has lots of great pictures that were great for the kids to look through, we also looked at the different muscles in our body using the poster that came in the book.   The boys used the light on the otoscope to test the muscles in your pupils.   Anthony was quite surprised at the results lol.  The kids … [Read more...]

Human Anatomy Respiratory System

Our Human Anatomy respiratory system unit has been a great study for us as a family, since we have had lots of real world experiences with problems of the respiratory system. Cody had pneumonia for almost 2 straight years along with severe asthma and severe allergies, he continues to take 9 different meds and gets allergy shots just to keep him stable, Dustin and I have had both had a pneumothorax (hole in lung) and had to have a chest tubes put in. To go along with our respiratory system we … [Read more...]