Butterfly and Bee Math Ideas

We have done a lot of butterfly and bee math fun this month with our Mother Goose Time curriculum, so I decided to do a post sharing all the math fun we have done. You can see all the fun we had learning about bee's homes in my previous post I shared last week, if you want to see the fun we have had already in our Bee's and Butterflies unit. Honeypot Bee Math We worked on some honeypot math equations. The kids rolled the dice and then put that amount of "honey" aka orange bingo chips, then … [Read more...]

50 Awesome, Quick, and Easy Kids Craft Ideas for Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of year, new life is everywhere, flowers are starting to bloom, we can finally go out and explore the local trails, and the kids can finally go outside and play without layers of winter clothes on. Today I am going to share a list of over 50 different quick and easy kids craft ideas for spring from around the web. There are lots of fun craft ideas for kids about flowers, butterflies, rainbows, baby chicks and birds, rain, and much more. 50 Awesome, … [Read more...]

A Look Into Our Preschool Day

A Look Into our day using Mother Goose Time Preschool Lesson Plans Today I am going to give you a look into a day using Mother Goose Time Preschool curriculum. The Mother Goose Time curriculum provides everything you need each day from the preschool lesson plans to almost all of the materials needed to do every activity. You can read THIS post to see all of the wonderful things included in your introductory shipment as well as your regular monthly shipments when you sign up for Mother Goose … [Read more...]

Easy Frosted Animal Crackers

We made this fun and festive snack for the kids, it was simple enough for the little kids to help make and such a yummy children snack recipe for kids and adults to. Easy Frosted Animal Crackers Ingredients~ Animal Crackers Chocolate Chips Spring Themed Sprinkles/Decorations Directions~ Put the chocolate chips in a microwave safe container and melt them. Dip the animal crackers in the melted chocolate and set out on the cooling … [Read more...]