50 Awesome, Quick and Easy Kids Craft Ideas For Summer

With summer upon us and kids out of school, most kids are enjoying the freedom of being able to sleep in, and being able to choose how they spend their days while out of school. We have choose to homeschool our kids year round so they do a lighter load of school in the summer, and we take a couple weeks off but do not take off for the summer like most kids do. This has saved us from hearing "I'm bored" more then you can imagine!! As I know all to well eventually kids will get bored and not be … [Read more...]

Summer Sensory Bin

Last summer we enjoyed playing in our colored ice summer sensory bin so much during hot days since then the little boys love it when we make our fun summer sensory bin to play in and stay cool. We also love excavating toys from ice as well to stay cool. Both ideas are super easy, practically cost nothing and keep the kids busy for quite a while! To make your own colored ice cubes, all you do is add food coloring to water and them pour different colors into all the ice cube trays we have. … [Read more...]

Colored Ice Cube Play!

With this wonderful heat wave that seems to be never ending around here, I decided to find some ideas for the kiddos to stay cool and have fun, I have featured 10 of my favorite activities on my previous post! This was a wonderful way to keep the kids busy while I worked on planning next year! Colored ice cube play has for surely a hit in our house, and will surely be repeated in the future! I have seen colored ice cubes all over Pinterest but this post from Plain Vanilla Mom was just what … [Read more...]

Fun Ways To Stay Cool In The Heat

I know that I haven't been posting much lately, it is due to the fact that i am still in planning mode for next year for the boys, Serena however started her first week of High School last week. Our official start date for the boys is 7/16 as long as everything goes as planned :) We ended up taking more of a break than I originally planned in the summer, because I am working on having the whole year planned, printed out, and filed for all subjects before we start back up. With the fact we are … [Read more...]

Beach and Ocean ~ week 1

Yesterday the boys did their morning work.. Our theme for the next month is Beach and Ocean, so we have been working on lots of hands on fun all beach and ocean themed! Ethan wanted to use the Metal Inset Tracing Tray.. I don't have the insets yet so we are just using the stencils we have. They fit perfectly in there and he doesn't have to hold on to them. It is also really nice not to have to worry about pencils rolling on the floor... We found a fun beach and ocean … [Read more...]

Awesome Homemade Bubble Solution

How To Make Your Own Awesome Homemade Bubble Solution With how much bubble solution we go through I decided it was time to start making our own DIY Homemade bubble solution.  This recipe makes the most awesome bubbles, it is even better that the stuff in the store! What you will need to make homemade bubble solution: 5 Gallon Container best with a lid for storage 30oz bottle of JOY yellow dish soap 16 oz Clear Karo Syrup Cold water Pour the bottle of JOY dish … [Read more...]

Designing Treasure Chest Craft Kit

Designing Treasure Chest Craft Kit So I have been busy trying to get all my planning done for the start of our school year which is in about a week, so I have been finishing up some of the summer activities I had planned. I had these treasure chest craft kit I purchased at Discount School Supply last year and they never got used, so I decided to pull them out.  I filled 2 different serving trays with all kinds of fun stuff, I decided using the trays when there are so many kids with different … [Read more...]

Excavating toys from ice

Excavating Toys From Ice I found this fun activity from a great blog here I follow, you fill a bowl or container with water and whatever little plastic animals you have (I also added some other fun stuff) put it in the freezer overnight. Bring out the next day and let the kids start excavating toys from ice, we used medicine droppers with warm water, 3 small bowls of salt, some hammers and golf tees, and dropper bottles filled with warm salt water.  The kids had so much fun that we have now … [Read more...]

Summer Sensory Bin

Summer Sensory Bin Ethan has been enrolled in a early childhood school this past 2 years, to help with some of the speech therapy, sensory issues, and for OT they had a few summer classes for the kids this summer, this was the last one "beach theme" Big sister being helpful with Gabe.. Fishing in a fun summer sensory bin idea. The little sprinkler.. Anthony got pretty good at the BIG bubbles! Anthony and Cody throwing water bombs at each other... This isn't … [Read more...]

Summer Fun!!

So it was another hot and humid day, I decided to take the water toys out and fill the water table and the little pool for the little boys, everyone but Gabe spent most of the day in the big pool, but Ethan decided to come and join Gabe for a little bit, life jacket and all. The life jacket Ethan is wearing is called a "puddle jumper" and has been a blessing to us, it doesn't make the kids tip back as bad in the water and makes them feel more comfortable. We brought out the beaters, a … [Read more...]