The Ultimate Guide To Field Trips In Michigan

Michigan is an amazingly beautiful state with a huge variety of places to spend the day learning about so many different topics on any field trips in Michigan. There are over 240 different lighthouses along the 3,288 miles of shoreline in the state making Michigan the longest freshwater coastline in the United States. There is so much water to be found in Michigan that over 40% of the state is covered in it. With that much water in 1 state and 1/2 the state being covered in forests, I'm sure … [Read more...]

40+ Things To Do In Michigan Upper Peninsula

There are so many family friendly and memorable things to do in Michigan Upper Peninsula. While visiting You might see wolves, black bears, or moose. There are over 400 different types of birds, over 150 waterfalls, you can hike mountains, canoe along huge rock cliffs, search for sea glass along lake Superior, learn to make maple syrup, go morel mushroom hunting, eat the famous pasties, and so much more! For anyone who hasn't visited the UP, this is one place that you MUST visit! The beauty of … [Read more...]