50 Festive and Delicious Valentines Day Recipes

Who doesn't love making a delicious Valentines Day recipes for their loved ones for Valentine's Day? Holiday's are the one time of year we tend to splurge on sweets and treats that we wouldn't normally eat in our house. I do still try to make sure it is made with the best ingredients possible and many of these delicious Valentines Day recipes can be made using them. I have put together this list of 50 of my favorite delicious Valentines day recipes that are really treats from bloggers … [Read more...]

50+ Awesome, Quick, and Easy Kids Craft Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is an industry that brings in over $18 Billion dollars per year. Every year people put much thought into what to get their loved ones, children, family and more. This year just like every other year we spend time making Kids Craft Ideas For Valentines Day to decorate the house with and to give to each other. The kids take great pride in making these and love seeing them go up year after year. I have put together this wonderful list of over 50 different Kids Craft Ideas For … [Read more...]

Wonderful glittery and soft valentines day playdough

Play dough is always something we have around for the kids to use in our house. It is such a great sensory medium for kids to use, and given tools to play with it they can play for hours. We decided to make some Valentines Day Playdough when it was time to make a new batch of playdough since Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Even as my kids get older they still love sensory ideas. They will play in bin or with play dough for hours. We make our own play dough a few times a year … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Ideas for Breakfast

We first made these adorable Valentine Day pancakes for our Valentine's Day Party, we even added some cool whip hearts on top then. Last year for our Valentine's Day dinner we decided to make a Valentine's Day breakfast making red heart pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and red and pink milk, a pretty easy Valentine's Day dinner that the kids loved! To make the heart pancakes we mixed up some homemade pancake batter and simply added red food coloring. We then added it to a squeeze bottle so it … [Read more...]

Simple Valentine Day Treats

Last year I made this super simple Valentine Day treats for the kids near Valentine's Day. They were very simple to make and of course delicious! What is needed to make your own Simple Valentine Day Treats  1 box of cake mix~ any flavor (we used cherry chip and added some red coloring) Frosting~ we used white frosting so the sprinkles would stand out more. Sprinkles~ If you want to add a little color inside your cupcakes. Valentine's Sprinkles~ To decorate the top of your … [Read more...]

Great Valentine Day Printables Pinterest

With Valentine's Day just around the corner you may be on the look out for some last minute cute Valentine Day cards for that classroom card exchange, or for a gift for your kids to make their parents for Valentine's Day, or maybe just for some fun printable to do for Valentine's Day with your kids. What ever the case you have come to the right spot today I am going to share some great valentine day printables Pinterest! I even share how to save tons of money on toner cartridges and ink for … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Cards Idea Mailing Station For Kids

Valentines Day Cards Ideas For Kids I added a Valentines Day Cards Idea for kids, a "Mailing Station" to the class today. Just a fun way for the kids to be able to make Valentines for each other, and their friends coming to our Valentine's Day party we have planned. In the basket there is Valentine's stampers Stickers or foam stickers to decorate their cards with A pen for them to address and write inside the card along with the Blank cards and envelopes I picked up blank cards … [Read more...]

Our Hands and Snowman Craft Ideas

Snowman Craft Ideas and Our Hands We had my almost 3 year old niece join us on Monday and Tuesday for school, while my sister and brother in law were moving. It made our morning a little crazy, because Gabe knew we were busy with keeping everyone  busy, and kept running off to get into trouble, but it was fun. We are starting our studies on the Human Body this week, starting with our hands, we talked about all the things we do with our hands, and experimented with not using our thumbs to pick … [Read more...]