Ice Pillar

Me and Jake looked into the sky one VERY cold night and this is what we seen. Neither of us had any clue as to what they were, but both agreed they were very interesting. We noticed that the lights seemed like they were shooting up from all the area lights, well we were right. I saw the following video on the local news the next day that told me exactly what it was something I had never even heard of let alone seen, Ice Pillar. Ice Pillar are a type of optical … [Read more...]

Over 100″ of Snow ~ Polar Vortex 2014

We had some really crazy weather this winter and are making new records regularly for our area. In December we ended up getting quite a bit of snow and 2 different ice storms which caused a lot of problems. Some people in the area without power for over a week due to the ice storms and if that wasn't bad enough it was the week of Christmas so yes some towns had no power on Christmas Day... We lost power for both of the storms, the first one was just over 24 hours without power and the … [Read more...]

Antarctica Continent Box

I have finally finished putting together our Antarctica continent box for the kids. This is our first continent box, I am expecting to take the next month to really dig into learning as much as we can about Antarctica. Now I am going to share with you all the fun stuff found inside our Antarctica Continent Box. I am using the Stockholm Document boxes from The Container Store, each of the Continent Boxes will be the Montessori Color for each of the continents. Antarctica's color is white, so … [Read more...]

Arctic and Antarctic Unit Study Ideas

We have started our Antarctic & Arctic Continent studies. I have quite a few different things that we will be learning while exploring Antarctica and the Arctic region I have put together for our Arctic and Antarctic unit study ideas. Today I'm sharing the different Arctic and Antarctic work pages, arts & crafts, sensory ideas, science experiments, and more that my kids will be working on the next couple weeks. I will be sharing pictures and more ideas of our Antarctica Continent Box … [Read more...]

Snowflake Art

Snowflake Art Project Ideas Every Friday in our homeschool we do at least 1 art project together. Our Friday art activities theme for this week was snowflakes. This week I planned 2 different projects for the kids to work on, one was snowflakes using masking tape and the other project was watercolor coffee filter snowflakes. Winter Snowflakes Art Project White Paper Masking /Painters Tape Tempra paint (we used winter colors but you could use any colors) The first was an activity I … [Read more...]

Our Hands and Snowman Craft Ideas

Snowman Craft Ideas and Our Hands We had my almost 3 year old niece join us on Monday and Tuesday for school, while my sister and brother in law were moving. It made our morning a little crazy, because Gabe knew we were busy with keeping everyone  busy, and kept running off to get into trouble, but it was fun. We are starting our studies on the Human Body this week, starting with our hands, we talked about all the things we do with our hands, and experimented with not using our thumbs to pick … [Read more...]

Winter Sensory Bin

Winter Sensory Bin I finally finished up our winter sensory bin this weekend and the kids have been enjoying it, even my niece who is here to join us for school Monday and Tuesday this week. I used pasta that I dyed blue, and blue and white pom poms for the filler. What is found inside this Winter sensory Bin: -blue dyed pasta -plastic winter characters -sparkly snowflakes -pom poms -cotton balls -snow covered fake trees (ones for Christmas Villages) -styrofoam balls and … [Read more...]

Winter Sensory Bin

Winter Sensory Bin The kids were so excited to wake up and finally see snow yesterday. We have had such a weird winter this year, its been in the 40's and 50's and the kids have been riding bikes almost every day, that wan  untill the snow hit today. What a beautiful site, all the trees covered in snow! Gabe has been fascinated with the snow, but gets cold to fast outside, and doesn't keep his mittens on yet. So I decided to bring the snow in for him and make a winter sensory bin. I … [Read more...]