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Cookies were one of the first things my young toddlers would help me make when we were in the kitchen. They loved pouring flour or sugar into the bowl so we could mix together the yummy goodness that would make some warm gooey chocolate chip or sugar cookies. Well, they always wanted to crack the eggs too, but until they were taught how to not get half the shell in with the egg we would let them help with other things instead. Making cookies was such a simple thing for them to do, and gives them such a sense of accomplishment.

I never realized how many different types of cookies there were out there. I mean I knew the original chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookies, but I would have never thought of apple pie, hot cocoa, or even the thin mint cookies similar to girl scout cookies. All of these recipes are homemade. None of them are made using a box recipe. Even better they can all be switched around and used Xylitol sugar for a sugar free cookie that even diabetics or those who are sugar free can eat them. We also use gluten free flour for a gluten and sugar free treat we can be happy about!

100+ Amazing Cookie Recipe Ideas Pinterest

So what is your favorite type of cookie, at least before reading this list? I would love for you to leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite cookie before reading the list was and then what one you’re most excited about trying from this list. I know we will be trying out many of the cookies from the list, maybe making a new weekly cookie from the list for a treat. Either way enjoy the delisious list of every cookie you can possibly imagine and even a few more.

100+ Mouth Watering Cookie Recipes

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Looking for other delicious cookie Recipes, or even some other great family friendly recipe ideas? Head over to my Pinterest board where you will find a bunch of other great recipe ideas!

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