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Having multiple children who have sensory processing disorder can be a challenge. They each have their own issues both completely opposite of each other. It has taken many years to figure out how to deal with their issues in an appropriate way. Even after many years of practice some days we are left wondering what in the world we should do to deal with a particular situation.

Making sure they both are as regulated as possible is extremely important to have the best outcome in any situation. V certain things we know will just always be an issue. We know one of our kiddos cannot deal with traveling out of the house overnight. He is very ritualistic about his schedule and surroundings and when you take him away from them major issues happen.

Since we have now been dealing with these issues for over 9 years I enjoy sharing our tips and experiences with other parents. Hopefully, to help them navigate their parenting journey with  a special needs kiddo. Which is why I share these wonderful resources with you!

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30 Great Articles For SPD Parents

There are so many different articles that can be a huge help to parents. Here are some that I have found a particular help for parents. Pull up a chair and get your cup of coffee ready to read through these helpful articles. Don’t have time to get through them all today?? Well then just pin this post for later and read a couple articles every day.

  1. The Difference Between SPD Issues and ADHD.
  2. 4 Simple Ways To Tell A Tantrum from a Sensory Meltdown.
  3. Teaching Regulation and Emotional Control ~ The Zones Of Regulation.
  4. Handling SPD Meltdowns at Church.
  5. Quiet Time Strategies For Sensory Overloaded Kids.
  6. Dear Mom At The Park.. Here’s What I Wish You Knew..
  7. A Mothers Story: What I Want To Tell Others About Sensory Processing Disorder.
  8. Making A Visual Schedule For Improved Behavior Control.
  9. Classroom Strategies For SPD.
  10. Questions Special Needs Parents Face During the Holidays.
  11. The Ultimate Guide To A Sensory Diet.
  12. In Defense of Fidget Spinners: How Movement Can Help Kids Who Are Wired Differently.
  13. Why I Homeschool my Gifted, SPD Child.
  14. Gravitational Insecurity: Why My Child Is Scared Of Swings, Slides, and the Playground.
  15. Tips For Keeping Wiggly Kids Focused.
  16. 4 Simple Reasons to Get Your Child a Weighted Blanket.
  17. How to Set Up A Therapy Gym at Home for Sensory Processing Disorder.
  18. The Link Between SPD and Anxiety.
  19. Create a Distraction Free Homeschool Room.
  20. The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder.
  21. When the Doctor Said His Autism was Just My Parenting.
  22. Is It Behavioral or is it Sensory?
  23. Encouraging Bible Verses for Special Needs Moms.
  24. Tips For Bedtime Battles.
  25. 80+ Toughest Challenges of Parenting a Child With SPD.
  26. The Benefits of Listening Therapy For SPD.
  27. Sensory Struggles and Autism.
  28. 20 Sensory Flags You Might Be Missing.
  29. How SPD Affects Your Child.
  30. I am THAT Mom With Screaming Kids in the Grocery Store.

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30 Of The BEST Products for SPD Kid

After 9 years of dealing with SPD kiddos, and having 5 boys. I have learned what products are helpful and which are not so helpful. Some products might be helpful during a season and not during another. All of these products are great resources and hold up to many kids using them and not gently all the time…

  1. LED Light strip – 16 foot (ours still work great after 8 years of use 24 hours a day!!).
  2. Stepping Buckets.
  3. Portable and Foldable Trampoline (easy for home use)
  4. 6 Foot play tunnel.
  5. Riverstones.s
  6. Inexpensive and VERY durable balance board.
  7. Scooter with handles.
  8. Zoom sliding ball.
  9. Helping hands fine motor tool set.
  10. GIANT Bag of water beads.
  11. Sensory Sox.
  12. Stretchy strings.
  13. Giant crash pad.
  14. Indoor/outdoor kids hammock chair nook.
  15. 3 Foot color changing  bubble tube column.
  16. 5lb Weighted lap pad.
  17. Wiggle Seat.
  18. Children’s inflatable balance ball desk chair with stability legs.
  19. Fidget toys 12 pack bundle.
  20. Visual Timer.
  21. Noise canceling ear muffs.
  22. Inflatable pea pod.
  23. Giant Peanut Ball.
  24. Chew tubes 2 pack.
  25. Deep pressure tank top.
  26. Stretchy fabric indoor swing.
  27. Hop ball.
  28. Rock around.
  29. iPad.
  30. Folding gym mat.


20 Great Sensory Ideas For Kids

I have found especially with my sensory seeking kids having sensory activities available for them to use regularly is so important. It helps keep them regulated, and most often will keep them busy for an unbelievable amount of time. These posts have a huge array of ideas to use.

  1. Balloon Tennis.
  2. 87 Indoor Gross Motor Activities.
  3. Tubes and Funnels Play.
  4. Playdough.
  5. 5 Easy Sensory Tools We Use Every Day.
  6. DIY Tube Wall.
  7. Goo Sensory Bags
  8. Make a Busy Board.
  9. Cloud Dough/Moon Sand.
  10. Pool Noodle water wall.
  11. 46 Sensory Bottles For Kids.
  12. Yoga Poses.
  13. Touch and Feel Frames.
  14. 30 Awesome Apps for Kids With SPD.
  15. 25 Heavy Work Ideas For Small Spaces.
  16. 17 Water Bead Activities For Kids.
  17. 12 Sensory Play Recipes.
  18. 45 Essential Vestibular Activities and Input Ideas.
  19. 101 Sensory Activities for Kids.
  20. Fillers, mix-ins, and tools for your sensory table.

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10 Amazing and Helpful DIY Products for SPD

Saving money when having sensory products around the house is HUGE!! Many of these items can get expensive really quick. Here is a list of some really helpful DIY  products that you will want to check out.

  1. Weighted Sensory Snake.
  2. DIY Sensory Swing.
  3. How To Make A Ball Pit.
  4. A Giant Crash Mat.
  5. Ball Swing.
  6. This indoor climbing wall is perfect  for sensory room!
  7. Indoor Swing.
  8. Giant Mermaid Fabric Board.
  9. Make Your Own Scooter For OT.
  10. How to make a home trapeze bar that won’t break the bank.


10 Great Sensory Motor Rooms

Having a sensory motor room in your house can be so very helpful for these kiddos with SPD. It is much easier to make your own after seeing how other people have done them. Here are some ideas for you to get stared with. Do a Google Image search for Sensory Motor Rooms for a TON more ideas if you need more.

  1. Our Sensory Motor Room.
  2. Inexpensive Home Gyms.
  3. ABC Therapy.
  4. Great jungle gym in a basement.
  5. Sensory Edge has a great sensory motor room.
  6. A simple at home sensory motor room for kids.
  7. Theraplaynyc has a great sensory motor room.
  8. Fun and Function has a great idea for making a great play area in a smaller space.
  9. This is a great sensory motor room made by a parent and submitted to PediaStaff.
  10. This is a great play gym for kids and would be simple to add to any home.


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Do you have some great tips you have learned over the years that have been helpful to raising a kiddo who has SPD? Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you!!


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