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I will be working on getting posts up over the next week sharing our curriculum choices for the 2016-2017 year for all the kids in our homeschool this year. In this post I am sharing our 11th grade curriculum choices, for our now oldest homeschool student.

Last year we graduated our first homeschool kiddo, so this year we are down to 5 kids in our homeschool. 2 of them are in High School. Matter of fact for the next 4 years we will be constantly homeschooling 2 kids in High school. For anyone worried about homeschool high schoolers, don’t worry it is so much easier then you think, and they can still be accepted into college once they graduate. I also am babysitting a 5 month old full time to add a little bit of extra fun to our days 😀 !

Starting September 5th you can head over for the 8th annual Back To School Blog hop and check out the curriculum choices for tons of homeschoolers as well. It’s a great place to see how fellow homeschoolers schedule their year and meet new homeschool moms. Each week is a different theme, so make sure to check it out each week!



I want to say that we do not choose all the same curriculum for each of our kids. We plan our school years according to what would be best for each of them, and that is usually different from a kiddo before. I also want to say our homeschool probably looks very different from other homeschoolers, and that is just fine. Each family needs to do what is best for them and that is one of the reasons homeschooling your kids is so great. I am not here to judge or say our way is the best way, I am just sharing what is working for us for this year and hope it helps some other homeschool moms.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask below in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

11th Grade Curriculum Choices 2016-2017

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Dustin’s school year will be split up into 3 different terms, as suggested while using Ambleside Online. This is different then the rest of our schedule for the year for the other kids except for the fact that he will be taking the month of December off like we do for our homeschool.

Term 1 ~ September-November

Term 2 ~ January-March

Term 3 ~ April-June


Math: Math-U-See ~ Algebra 1  this is a program we reviewed a couple months ago, you can read it to see some of the reasons we love using Math-U-See in our homeschool.


English: Analytical Grammar HS Reinforcement. American Authors and World Authors Dustin has worked through this program and we are continuing it for him through graduation. Since he has completed the main program he is just working on reinforcing the concepts he has learned. He didn’t get through the program until last year so he is doing 2 reinforcements this year and next. You can read our review on the main program HERE to see what we like about it.

AG_Americanauthors_product_326 World-Authors_Product

Beyond The Book Report Season 3


Science: Apologia Chemistry  We have continued to us Apologia science for our high school students for years. I have reviewed a few other high school science programs but not found another one we think is complete and good enough for high school science.


PE: Gymnastics Team M/W/Th/Sat ~ He will be competing at level 8 this year (he has been doing gymnastics for only 2 years)


Ambleside Online offers a huge resource of Charlotte-Mason classically based principles using mostly FREE resources. Anyone who has not looked into this site really needs to it is an amazing collection of a ton of work!! With our daughter we used Ron Paul Curriculum, but that would not have been a good fit for this kiddo. He is NOT a high level reader anymore then he has to be, so we are trying this instead with him. He will be using the With Options and he has helped decide what books he will use for the year.


History: The 20th Century, WWI, Roosevelt, WWII, Hitler, Vietnam, Martin Luther Kink Jr, Speeches. Using Ambleside Online.

A History Of The 20th Century  Split up over the whole year.

History Of the 20th Century

Along with the regular history program he will be reading about different events and famous speeches through this time period. The following speech list was found and used from the Ambleside Online website.

Term 1 Speeches:


Term 2 Speeches:


Term 3 Speeches:


The World: Life and Travel 1950-2000

THe world

Map Drills

10 Minutes of map drills each week. Simply Charlotte Mason gives an explanation of map drills for those of you who are interested in learning more about it.

locate places from the day’s reading on a map

explore foreign places relevant in news and current events


Daily Devotional: Streams In The Desert 366 Daily Devotional Readings

Streams in the Desert

Reading his bible daily working through Lamentations, Ezekiel, Joel, Daniel, Ezra, Paul’s Epistles.


During each of the terms through out the year, he will be working through a different book. The books for each term are listed below.

Term 1: The Holiness of God

The Holiness of God

Term 2: The Cost Of Discipleship

The Cost of discipleship

Term 3: The Mind of the Maker

The Mind of the Maker



Ourselves By Charlotte Mason, Book II (Self-Knowledge)


Economics and Government:

Economics In One Lesson

Economics in 1 lesson

Autobiography of a Slander


Bureaucracy: What Government Agencies Do and Why They Do It



Term 1:  Men Who Rule the World from the Grave

7 Men Who Rule the world from the grave

Term 2: Amusing Ourselves to Death ~ Audio Book

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Term 3: Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview

Modern Fascism


Current Events: He will be keeping up with news stations, blogs, and whatever else we think is a good place for REAL news events.


Handicrafts: This will be something we will do as a group, I’m hoping for 1 project every month to start out with. If we have time to do them weekly then that is what we will do.


On top of all of his regular classes Dustin works at the gym he practices gymnastics at. Between extra practice and his classes he is in the gym on average of 30 hours a week. This might be a lot for most kids, but for Dustin who struggles with ADHD without medicine this is such an amazing mix for him. He is tired by the end of the night, he is not hyperactive much anymore at all. He does still struggle with concentration during times, but not much more then any other person would.

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I am a co-author to a couple very wonderful resources for homeschool mom’s. These are an amazing resource and very inexpensive, stop over to check them out!!

How We Teach by iHomeschool Network

Homeschooling: what to do when you want to quit


I have a couple Pinterest boards dedicated to homeschool 1 group board and another that is my homeschool board. Stop by either of them for other great homeschool ideas, help, tips, and more!!

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