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Some of us at iHomeschool network though it would be fun to feature some of our favorite Pinterest boards on different topics. I chose Top 15 Kids Sensory Ideas Pinterest Boards, because sensory ideas are always something we are looking for new things to add to our DIY SensoryTable. Sensory input is something that is very calming to my sensory seeker, so we regularly have different sensory mediums or bins out for him and the other kids.

I will be sharing a few of my sensory idea Pinterest boards, as well as 15 of my favorite from others.


I have a few sensory idea Pinterest boards there are many great kids sensory ideas. Below is my Sensory Bin Ideas, Kids Sensory Ideas, and Sensory Room Ideas.

Sensory Bin Ideas ~

I have a page with all of our Sensory bins we have made in the past for lots of great sensory ideas.

Kids Sensory Ideas ~

Sensory Room Ideas ~

This board was particularly helpful when we were making our DIY Sensory Room.

Below are my favorite 15 kids sensory ideas Pinterest boards I follow.

Sensory Play Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Play Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Bins ~

Sensory Bins ~

Sensory Bins For Kids Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Bins Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Play Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Activities Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Fun Pinterest Board ~

Kids Sensory Experiences Pinterest Board ~

Kids Sensory Activities Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Play For Kids Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Activities For Kids Pinterest Board ~

Sensory Ideas For Kids ~

Sensory & I-Spy Bottles, Bags, and Bins Pinterest Board ~

I have a page of lots of great sensory ideas we have tried in the past, stop over and find some fun ideas to try with your kids!

Click on the link below for a list of all the other Pinterest round up boards share by fellow iHomeschool Network Bloggers, there are many great topics they shared!

What is your favorite Kids Sensory Ideas Pinterest boards to follow? Leave a link in the comments below letting me know.

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Thank you for sharing!!


    • Your welcome! I love your Sensory Play board, it is one of the boards I find many great ideas from. Thank you so much for featuring the post I really appreciate it!


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