17 Delicious and Fresh Lemonade Recipes

17 Delicious and Fresh Lemonade Recipes Facebook

AHHHH….summer. The days are long, the heat is hot and the need for a cool, refreshing drink is high. When I think of a summer drink, I automatically think of lemonade. It’s light, sweet and hits the taste buds perfectly each and every time.

As a kid, you may have ventured out and had your own lemonade stand once or twice. More than likely, you probably sold several cups as well. That’s because EVERYONE loves lemonade. It’s no surprise, really. Lemonade is delicious and can be so versatile!

17 Delicious and Fresh Lemonade Recipes Collage

You can have good ol’ regular lemonade, or branch out a bit and have a variety. There are so many other amazing fruits that pair up nicely with lemonade. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries just to name a few. And if you want to have some really creative lemonade, why not try some really cool flavors to pair it with like cotton candy or lavender rose?

Give your taste buds a true treat with these lemonade recipes! With over 17 different lemonade recipes to choose from, you should be able to drink a different kind of lemonade throughout the remaining summer days!

17 Delicious and Fresh Lemonade Recipes Facebook


17 Delicious and Fresh Lemonade Recipes Square


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  1. Summer is nearly over and I have not even made lemonade! I need to right that wrong. So many delicious flavor options! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. See ya next week.

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