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This Years Homeschool Curriculum Choices



It’s curriculum week over at the Not So Back To School blog hop hosted by iHomeschool Network. So what better time them to share what curriculum we will be using for the upcoming year.

This year we will be entering our 9th year of homeschooling our blessings. Wow where did the time go… We will have kids in grades 11, 9, 7, 6, 1, and preschool this year. Yes, that means we will have 2 in high school now. It also means this is our last year with a preschooler which is sad for me, since I really enjoy teaching the little ones.

In all honesty most of our curriculum for next year we are already about 3 months into the classes. Since we homeschool year round we started all of our curriculum at the beginning of the summer.

Through the years we have tried many different programs and curriculum some have worked for a particular child on a certain year, and not for any of the other kids, some we have found to love and use year after year for all of the kids. Because we have 3 children with special needs, we really try to find curriculum that fits each child’s learning style best, and also what fits our lives at the time.

For our High Schoolers we plan a busy first 2 years, the 3rd and 4th year are slower because they are working to test out of the first 2 years of college with CLEP exams and also working at a job to save some money. This has worked great for Serena so far and we are hoping it will work just as well for Dustin.

If you have any questions about any of our curriculum or things we do please leave a comment below and I will answer any questions.

Our classes are spit up into 3 different areas, each of which I will explain in further detail below. The first is group classes with all of us together, second off is group classes with everyone except the high schoolers, and lastly are individual classes.

Group Classes with ALL the kids ~

When we have high schoolers in the mix, they only participate in a few for the classes with us as a group. This is really due to the fact that the high schoolers classes are quite different then the elementary or middle school level. There are a few classes however, that we do together as a group.

History ~ The Mystery of History II

We have been using Mystery of History for a few years now and everyone really enjoys this curriculum, the hands on learning approach is what my kids need. I love the fact that bible is woven into the history so that the kids can understand how history and biblical history align with each other. We took 2 school years to get through Mystery Of History I and are hoping to get through the entire 2nd book this year. For the month of August Bright Ideas Press is offering FREE shipping on all orders over $30 with discount code sendit.


Bible ~ Grapevine Bible Studies

We LOVE GrapeVine Bible studies and have used it for a couple years now. The kids love drawing along with our bible stories and the stories really stick in their head.

Until this year we had just used different units that Grapevine offered, this year we are working our way through the bible using the program. Starting with Creation to Jacob. Serena will be helping me in the teaching the lessons and helping me work with the other kids with any help they might need with their lessons.

Grapevine is offering a 20% discount on all bundles through 8/31 click the banner below to purchase your own GrapeVine Studies.

Grapevine Bible Studies


Group Classes with only the 4 Younger Boys

The younger kids will be participating in a couple extra classes as a group. These are classes any High Schoolers will be completing on an older student level instead of participating in as a group with us. This year we will have Cody-7th, Anthony-5th, Ethan 1st, and Gabriel-Preschool in our group studies.

US Geography/ US History~


This year we will be learning more about US Geography and History. I have decided to use a few different things to accomplish this task. The main program that we will be using is Road Trip USA a great program, to go along with that we will be adding in Extreme Dot to Dot USA Edition, Doodle Across the USA, Cantering The Country, and Eat Your Way Through The USA. The kids will not be required to complete all of the activities, but my goal was to have activities for all of the different kids.

EX. some like to draw, others like dot to dots, and others like to cook so they will each participate in any activities that they choose, to go along with our main lessons that all the younger kids will participate in.

Science~ Christian Kids Explore Earth & Science


In the past we have done lots of different unit studies in science and had the kids when they we in upper middle school do Apologia science classes. This year we are giving a new program a try, I have heard many great things about Christian Kids Explore science series and it has many hands on learning ideas which is what my kids need. So our group science study with the 4 younger boys will be using Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space Science.

For our science we also do lots of exploring nature, raising and hatching of different insects, helping with things at the farm we visit weekly to pick up milk, etc. You can read about the year when 1 of our praying mantis egg sacks didn’t get put into a cold place during winter and while we were making Christmas Cookies for the neighbors they hatched. In case you wondered there is never a dull moment in our house, and if there is someone is getting into trouble or they are all in bed 😉

For the month of August Bright Ideas Press is offering FREE shipping on all orders over $30 with discount code sendit.

4 Boys Independent Classes

Cody ~ 7th Grade

Cody will be working on pretty in depth therapy this year. He is really struggling socially and we finally decided to go in and get a diagnosis and some suggestions on what we could do to help him.  Because he was diagnosed with Autism and really needing some help, he will be participating in 4 to 5 hours of therapy a week outside of the home which means he is not going to be doing many extra classes. We will also be continuing working on things at home.

Vocabulary ~ Wordly Wise 3000 Online

Spelling~ All About Spelling

Math ~ Math U See ~ Epilson


Anthony ~ 5th Grade

Vocabulary ~ Wordly Wise 3000 Online

Spelling ~ All About Spelling

Math ~ Math U See ~ Gamma

Music ~ Guitar lessons


Ethan ~ 1st Grade

Ethan is my kiddo who love to listen to stories (as long as he has fidgets to play with) so we decided to give Sonlight curriculum a try this year with him. We are already to week 18 in the program and it is working so great for him. Some days we add projects and hands on learning into the program if he is showing interest in the subject, other days we just do our reading, talk about it, and answer questions.

Literature/History/Bible ~ Sonlight Core A ~ With Level 1 Readers

Reading ~ Logic Of English ~ Foundations B ~ We did a review of Logic Of English Foundations A last year, and if you have a high energy child that needs to stay moving during learning, this program is PERFECT for you. We decided to continue with this program for Ethan in Reading and Handwriting.

Handwriting ~ Logic Of English ~ Handwriting

Spelling ~ All About Spelling

Vocabulary ~ Wordly Wise 1

Math ~ Math U See ~ Alpha

Phonics Practice ~ Explode The Code Online


Gabriel ~ Pre School

Sonlight Core A ~ Along with Ethan

Math ~ Math U See Primer

Handwriting ~ Handwriting Without Tears ~ K

Montessori Trays ~ Lots of different hands on Montessori trays and other fine motor practice.


High School Individual Classes 

Serena ~ 11th Grade

Serena is woking a couple jobs to save up money for a car and other things she needs, she is working about 30 hours a week. One of her jobs is babysitting her cousin, which makes it so she is able to work on school while she is working. She is also planning on taking a couple CLEP exams this year.

Serena is choosing to take extra classes so next year she will only have a 1/2 credit of civics (if she doesn’t just choose to finish it this year) and 1 credit of English and then she will graduate from High School!!!

Foreign Language ~ Norwegian and Spanish

English/Language Arts ~ Ron Paul Curriculum ~ English 3

Math ~ Math U See – Stewardship

Government ~ Ron Paul Curriculum ~ Government 1A/1B

Art ~ Artistic Pursuits -High School Course Book 1


Dustin ~ 9th Grade

Math ~ Math U See ~ Pre Algebra ~ he took High School Geometry last year with a review, but is not quite ready for Algebra, so we are going to do pre-algebra this year instead.

English ~ Analytical Grammar

US History & Geography ~ Ron Paul Curriculum

Science  ~ Apologia -Biology

Foreign Language ~ Middleburry Spanish (review coming soon)

Vocabulary ~ Wordly Wise 3000 Online

Computer Programing and Game Making ~ Windows and Game Programing


It will once again be a busy year for us, having 6 different kids and 2 in high school and all of our therapies, medical appointments, and life situations. God gives me the strength each year to get it all done, I don’t know how I would do it all without his grace.

What does your homeschool curriculum look like for the year? Leave a link to your homeschool curriculum post, I would love to stop over and take a look.

Stop over and see what other homeschoolers are using for their curriculum for the year at the Not Back To School Blog Hop.

Thank you for sharing!!


    • Nikki,
      My daughter has finished Western Civilization 1/2 and is just taking the CLEP cram course this summer, followed by the western civilization CLEP exam before the start of next year. But just from the class she seems well prepared for the CLEP exam already. She absolutely LOVE the program and is taking all of her classes using Ron Paul for next year (her senior year.) They do offer a 100% money back guarantee they will pass, so I figured we didn’t have anything to loose but I’m quite sure we will not need to use the guarantee.

      I will say that the Ron Paul Curriculum is for my daughter who likes to do lots of reading, but for my son who does not enjoy reading and is a visual learner he might struggle with a couple of the classes that entail more reading a little more.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!!

      • Nicole,
        Were all of the Ron Paul classes pretty heavy on reading? Or did you find some subjects to be more so than others? I thought the website description of a half hour video lesson, and half hour reading assignment per day sounded good for both visual learners and readers. But maybe that varies by subject? I’d like to try one or two for my high schooler, but would not want to start with one that has the heaviest reading requirement. Any info you can share would be helpful! Thanks so much!

        • Donna,
          Yes all of the Ron Paul classes we have used so far have been heavy on reading, but I also will say that my daughter has or is taking CLEP courses as well as Junior and Senior classes she did not take any of the lower level courses. I also think if you were to start with 1 or 2 courses the first year and the following year add in more that is the best way to do it, throwing a full schedule of reading might be overwhelming in my opinion. My daughter said that Western Civilization was a slightly easier course and maybe that would be a good place to start you kiddos with. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


  1. i am also very interested in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Do you recommend it? I used Sonlight for my older child, but I am always interested in something new. Do the history courses seem thorough? I am especially interested in the science courses. Are there material lists to help prepare for the year?

    • Janean,
      I highly recommend the program for anyone who is looking to send their child through college or is looking to give their child an amazing high school foundation. Not only does the program offer a great education but it also teaches kids how to be independent and self driven people. As my daughter has gone through the last 2 years, I have been amazed at how self driven she has become. If you have been using Sonlight for your child I have no doubt that the program will be great for them!!

      The history courses are very thorough and tell the true history, they are also one of my daughters favorite classes on Ron Paul. We have not used the science course yet, my daughter will be taking that CLEP course next summer so she is planning on starting that class in the next couple months.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!


  2. Hi thank you for sharing ..I too am interested in the Ron Paul curriculum ..did you find the history courses to be rooted in creation a biblical worldview?

    • Sandy,
      I have had many people leave comments interested in Ron Paul curriculum. I may just have to do a review on the program one of these days since the interest is so great! The history courses are rooted in a biblical worldview they intertwine with history, which is just one of the many reasons we like the program so much. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

      Wishing you a blessed week!

  3. We’ve been using My Fathers World curric the past 6 yrs. I now have 3 in high school, grades 9, & 11. along with the Rainbow Sc series. Would it still be beneficial for them to use Ron Pauls curric. Or is it too late in the game?

  4. I’d love it if you’d post your children’s blogs – I will go check them out! My son just started using Ron Paul this fall, as well (grade 9) and i think maybe ppl commenting on the blog will encourage him to do a good job on his posts :).. I’d be happy to check in (or let my kids check in) on your kids blogs, too :)… I’d love to hear a review of your experiences with Ron Paul – i am just figuring it out as i go right now 🙂


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