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3D Pens For Kids

We don’t really use an art curriculum for the kids, however, I love teaching my kids how to do different arts and crafts projects. They often do free form art and make whatever they want to. Sometimes we choose a project from a list of seasonal or holiday round up post but that is usually it.


Something my kids have wanted to try is to make 3-D art. I didn’t know to much about how this was accomplished. When we were given the opportunity to try the 3D pens set my kids were so ecstatic to try it out for themselves.  It is a great art and craft for kids to independently do, which is how we often like to do art in our house.

When you order the kit it comes with everything you need to make your own 3-D creations. There are bottles of the medium that makes the 3-D creations, ours came with 4 different pens (pink, white, blue, and yellow.) It also comes with the light that attaches to the pens (with the batteries), a work mat, a guide book, and molds to help you make your own 3D creations.


The 3D Pens bottles contain quite a bit of the medium in them. So kids can make quite a few different creations using the kit. You can also purchase extra pens from their website when they run out. The kit is such a great activity for kids! Especially during the summer when your kids are looking for things to keep them busy.

3D Pens For Kids

3D Pens For Kids



3D Pens for Kids ~ Best Ages

Now the box just says not for kids under 3 due to small parts, so we let each of the boys make their own creations. We have boys that range from ages 6 up through 16. The younger boys (6 and 8) had a great time and made their own smaller creations. If they were going to make some of the intricate designs they would need help from a parent or older sibling or to work on it over a period of time.

The older boys (12, 14, and 16) all enjoyed it as well and were able to make bigger creations. They needed to slowly work on their projects and not rush through it. It does take time and patience to make great creations, like any other form of art.

Before starting I had the boys watch some of the videos that are available online so they knew how to make things using the pens. Since we hadn’t worked with a 3D pens in the past, this was definitely the best place to start for us. I just went to YouTube and typed in IDO3D tutorials. There were videos of many different things to make. This gave the kids ideas on how things were made using the pen.

They also offer art courses to learn how to make different creations. The only difficulty we had, was learning that you had to snap the light piece on a bit harder then we realized. Once you do that it works perfectly and doesn’t fall off.

This was a cave for the boy’s LEGO guys to live and hide in that Ethan made. He has LOVED this creation. I’m sure he will be making more 3D creations for LEGO men.




3D Pens Set Giveaway

They are offering an IDO3D Vertical kit pen set giveaway to 3 lucky winners. To enter follow the instructions below.

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  1. This pen looks so amazing. We have been hearing so many amazing things about this pen. I love the cave your boys made for their Legos. What a great idea. 🙂 Entered the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.


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